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PC 20 - Expenses Scandal
It is a disgrace that members on £64,766 are allowed to claim fuel back, most of us know where our constituencies are based in comparison to Westminster, so we can quickly find out how much the commute would cost us and how long it would take. That members can also claim £24,222 in Personal Additional Accommodation Expenditure, means we are giving MP's a huge stack of money to spend, with minimal oversight and clearly, lax procedures to follow in order to claim it.

When I heard about the claims made, I said to the Prime Minister that we should scrap them all but travel to and from Westminster/Whitehall on public transport or at a fuel option set by the AA or RAC. We should fund constituency offices and staff at a set uniform level, with variances allowed for regions/rent costs and have a body that sets reasonable hotel allowance or seeks a deal with local London hoteliers for discounted rooms at hotels within x miles of Westminster/Whitehall and have them paid centrally.

Obviously every MP who has wrong claimed, abused the system, broken the rules or otherwise got money they are not entitled to, should pay it back immediately, and comply with any investigation by the police.
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