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Campaign Thread

The HPE began with a speech from Sir Dunk:

“Hello everyone!

Thank you all for being here today, it’s amazing to see such a terrific turnout.

This is a chance to send a message. To send a message in favour of politics that empowers people rather than seeks to rule over them, to send a message in favour of politics that unites rather than divides, to send a message in favour of politics that works for you.

You have a chance to elect - in Simon Wright, a teacher and committed community campaigner - an MP who will fight your corner, hold the government to account, and send a strong national message that you demand better from your politicians. That you’re sick of the same old two party dogma, the same old politics of spin over substance. We need to change our politics, and that starts with elections like this one.

Now, make no mistake, this is a race between the Liberal Democrats and Labour. The 2005 general election results show that, the direction of the polls show that. The Conservatives and the Greens, simply put, are out of the race here.

So I think it’s important that we get out there, knock on doors, and let everyone know: if you want a strong community champion, who’ll protect Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, who’ll protect local schools, who’ll fight climate change and demand more investment in local services such as transport, vote Simon Wright.

If you want someone who will hold the government to account, fight for an Iraq War inquiry so we get the truth about what happened, fight against ID cards and other wasteful violations of civil liberties, and fight for those communities that the Westminster bubble has neglected, vote Simon Wright.

If you want someone who will help build a progressive alternative vision for this country - one where we have green and fair economic growth, with sensible scaled-back regulation and progressive taxes; one where we scrap the cycle of welfare dependency and create genuine opportunity; one where we say no to more tuition fees; one where we clean up our politics and introduce proportional representation so nobody has to “tactically vote” ever again; one where are an outward-looking and forward-facing country ready to build a safer and juster world, vote Simon Wright.

So vote no to ID cards and this petty overregulation of day to day life, and yes to extra police and civil liberties instead.

Vote no to privatisation, and yes to sustainably funding public services.

Vote no to a subservient foreign policy, and yes to demanding an Iraq War inquiry.

Vote no to inaction on climate change, and yes to putting the environment high up on the agenda.

Vote for Simon Wright! Thank you!”

Canvassing afterwards:

On welfare
“I’m proud of our commitments on tackling poverty and creating a stronger safety net. We will put in place legally binding targets on child poverty, help those with disabilities and mental health conditions get the assistance they need to live free from poverty, provide considerable investments in fighting fuel poverty by retrofitting and insulating low-income homes, and repeal the pre-draconian Victorian law that criminalises rough sleepers. This is positive change, change that is a true investment in creating a fairer and more sustainable society.

And there’s also a very real problem of people ending up stuck in a cycle of welfare dependency. If you listen to voices on the right, those on the benefits are scroungers. If you listen to voices on the left, all is well with our welfare system. Liberals reject both of these approaches. They’re divisive and patronising. What the Liberal Democrats want to do is a review of the welfare system - with the twin goals of reducing poverty and creating opportunity - to end the tragic cycle of people being stuck in situations where work does not pay and they don’t have the necessary space to take risks and try out new ventures.”

On the environment

“Green thinking, environmental sustainability, is at the heart of everything we in the Liberal Democrats do. In our last manifesto, we - the only one of the three main parties - made sure we discussed environmental considerations in every policy area. Climate change in particular is a big issue in this by-election, as it should be, and we in the Liberal Democrats are taking the lead on that, calling for tougher and bolder action. It’s essential, especially for places like Norfolk, which are at risk of flooding if climate change is allowed to snowball.

We also understand that the environment and the economy can go hand in hand - economic growth requires a stable environment, as a basic prerequisite, and there are many opportunities for British firms and exports to grow by taking the lead on green tech opportunities. We’ll create a green tax code, provide record-breaking investment in green energy and green jobs, and promote environmentally sustainable development throughout the world as climate change is, of course, a global issue. And we’ll work to cut waste, promote recycling, protect green spaces and marine life, and strengthen animal welfare laws.”

On education

“While Labour remains fixated on targets and the Tories continue to show an ideological fixation with privatisation, we’re hard at work on solutions that will actually improve our education system. For example, with schools, we will introduce a Pupil Premium - extra money given to schools for each disadvantaged pupil that they have, money that they can use to recruit new teachers, buy new resources, reduce class sizes, and provide extra out of hours support.

We will do more to help improve Special Educational Needs diagnosis and prevention, more to improve student mental health, and expand free school meals. We also take higher education seriously - we oppose tuition fees, support establishing a Skills Endowment to help adults retrain and reskill throughout their professional lives, and support more investment in apprenticeships, all areas where Labour has failed us.

And let’s not forget - the Conservative plan for education will allow businesses and corporations to run local Norwich schools. That’s not on.”
Grant Smith
Liberal Democrat MP for Leeds North West (2005-present)

Media Unknown, Constituency Appeal, Campaign Organiser, Fundraiser Extraordinaire 
Previously: Sir Lachlan Domnhall Coinneach Duncan MacMahon; Graham Adiputera; I think I played some dull Labour bloke at one point
High-profile event - 400 pounds

[Image: chloe_smith_0_mnvkur.jpg]
The Leader of the Conservative Party, Elaine Ashbury, capped off her party's by-election campaign in Norwich South, appearing alongside local candidate Antony Little. She gave the following speech:

Quote:Ladies and gentlemen,

Thank you for coming out today. Tomorrow, you'll get the chance to start a movement for change, right here in Norwich South. After 10 years of New Labour, we're increasingly seeing that their way of governing has reached the ceiling. Just take some of their literature and look at the solutions they propose - more money thrown at problems, more regulations, more of the same, tired old solutions. We believe it's time for a new approach, which is what we've been consistently pushing since the last election and in this by-election, you can show your support for that new approach.

The core of what we offer is this: a government that does not just work for you, but with you to solve the problems that matter to you. Because I believe that improving our schools and hospitals, giving you a say on Europe and tackling climate change doesn't start or stop at Westminster or the Whitehall drawing board, but right here, in communities like Norwich. Over the course of this campaign, I've met so many people with great ideas, passionate causes and a great drive to improve their communities and this country. It is these champions and their ideas who will make the difference, but you need politicians and a government who will be on your side to help you see it through.

Because the one thing that's wrong with Labour's solutions is that they're one-size-fits-all, uniform packages for the whole country. Education? One comprehensive system fits all pupils. Climate change? Just targets and regulations are enough. Workers below the minimum wage? A PR exercise against offending companies but an abject refusal to help victims get fair pay or good-willing companies pay for minimum wage rises. The fundamental debate on Europe? One vote on Lisbon and that's it. The list goes on and on.

The thing you learn very quickly when you're down here in a community like Norwich is that there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all Britain. There is a huge diversity even within our communities in terms of the schools our children need to succeed, the helping hand we need to tackle climate change together, the local economy. You can't just govern as if more money, more rules and more Whitehall drawing board solutions can address that. Rather, it is the people of this country in their communities who know what's best for them, and we can do better for them if we listen to them more.

I am so proud we have local champions like Antony Little who work in our public services and know that they are not one-size-fits-all affairs. As a teacher, I know how passionate Antony is about giving each pupil what they need to succeed in life - and he knows like no other that no two pupils are the same. The current school system, however, could do better at realising the potential of our pupils because fundamentally, it is designed to serve most pupils, most of the time. What we need to help these pupils and our entire country forward is a system that provides the best for all pupils, all of the time.

You may have heard Labour's critique that we are somehow handing our schools to big businesses. To them, I would like to say this: our converter Academies, our free schools, run by non-profit parties, are no different than your current Academies. We have so much potential to serve the specific needs of a local school, a local community, by empowering educational professionals in cooperation with these non-profit parties. Academies have shown that. Why not use that potential to create schools within the state system that can truly serve communities in the ways that they need? With these new Academies and free schools, and our City Technological Colleges and apprenticeships to revalue professional education and educate the next generation of craftsmen and professionals, we can truly create a diverse education to make a difference for all of our pupils, all of the time - with you and for you.

I've met many students and young professionals while I was here and to them, it's especially important that they get all the help they need in their careers. The era of one job for life is over - tomorrow's professionals will have to prepare to keep their skills up to date and make the most of multiple choices over the choice of their careers. With the Conservatives, we'll give you the support you need to keep learning, from cradle to grave, whatever step you need to make in your career, to help you prepare for that next step. Because education doesn't just stop when you're out of university or school - it continues your whole life, to help you realise your potential and your aspirations. And we'll be by their side, every step of the way.

Another area where we can do so much more, side-by-side with society, is the big challenge of the 21st century - tackling climate change. Norwich is just 120 feet above sea level - that's how important an issue this is. Now all parties have major targets - but only we as Conservatives seem to realise that when people come together to combat climate change, to invest in using these new technologies to save our planet as well as the pound in your pocket, that's not just some small gains in the margin. That's transforming our economy, going green as a country one family, one community at a time.

What we're proposing is a Green Deal for every family: if you go green by better insulating your home or by generating your own green energy, we will help you pay for it by saving on your tax bill. That way we'll make it even more attractive for you to switch to sustainable technology. And to ensure even more of that technology becomes available to companies as well as families, we'll up the ante. We can reach our ambitious target to cut 80% of our greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 - but we can only do so together, with incentives and cooperation rather than just more rules and regulations.

A final issue I want to touch on is Europe. We've been saying since the European Constitution that it's about time the British people got a say in the powers handed to Brussels on their behalf. And I am glad that the government has finally seen sense and submitted the monumental transfer of sovereignty from Westminster to Brussels that is the Lisbon Treaty to the people. But here's the thing - a referendum on Lisbon is not enough. It may feel like putting you in the driving seat, but in fact it is just asking you for directions. We want to really put you in charge of what powers we transfer to Brussels in future treaty changes - and we're the only party to offer you that through a referendum lock that will require a referendum just like the Lisbon one for every future transfer of power.

In the end, what we need is to refocus the way Europe approaches this issue. The ingredients are already there - there's the principle of subsidiarity that provides that powers should be placed as close to the people as possible while still being placed where they can solve the problem at stake. Europe needs to consistently apply that, or it risks ever-present suspicion of a federalist agenda eroding support for it here in Britain and across the continent. I believe in the power of the European Union as a cooperative exercise to trade together and solve the problems we can no longer solve on our own. No more, no less than that. And I believe the British people see it in the same way. We're offering you a government that will have the courage to take the lead in an alternative next step - real, positive change to the way we do things in Europe.

I could tell you so much more about the new, positive approach that is at stake in this by-election. About how we're really going to make the difference to ensure those paid below the minimum wage find their way to the authorities and force their bosses to pay up, and how we're going to help good bosses who pay their employees the minimum wage. About our plans for decentralising powers so they're closer to home. About our plans to spread investment to bring our country closer together economically.

But the key choice this by-election is this. You can have more of the same one-size-fits-all politics of spin, regulation, funds and figures with Labour. Or you can vote for a Conservative Party that works both for you and with you. We're not turning back the clock - we're going forward to build upon the achievements of the past years and rectify its flaws, by bringing you back into the government of Britain. Tomorrow, you can make that change start here, in Norwich South - to send a message to Westminster and Arthur Sweeney in 10 Downing Street that it's time for something new, something different. That you want a government that's on your side, working with you and for you for the future of your family, your community and our country.

You can do that by electing Antony Little as your MP. Don't forget to vote tomorrow and when you do vote, vote for a party and a Member of Parliament that will be on your side, and vote Conservative.

After the speech, Ashbury and Little continued their canvassing tour of the constituency to speak to voters. The points discussed were as follows:
  • Northern Rock: "The approach to Northern Rock has been absolutely typical of Labour's approach to government. I'm glad people's savings are safe and I think there's something to be said for nationalisation as a last resort, but one has to wonder if they couldn't have tried to negotiate a bit more to see if a good deal with the private sector could have been reached instead. There's been very little information on what the government intends to do with Northern Rock. At the same time, their Banking Bill gives them wide-ranging powers to nationalise any struggling bank. We need a plan of action for Northern Rock - save your savings, get it healthy, then return it to private hands so as to keep the cost to the taxpayer as low as possible. That's what we would do."
  • Skills fund: "The lifelong job is a thing of the past. Tomorrow's careers will be more flexible, diverse and more rapidly changing than in the past. To succeed, it will be more important than ever to invest in the skills you need for the next step of your career. The Conservative Party is on your side, giving you a total of £10,000 over your lifetime to spend on personal skills training at crucial points in your career. In the end, it will mean more attention to your talents, potential and aspiration and ultimately, better jobs and higher wages. That's our offer to you."
  • Schools: "You may have heard that Labour is saying we are privatising education. That's just a scare story. In effect, what we are proposing is essentially the same as their Academies scheme - bringing in non-profit private parties to help bring something extra to the education system. I believe every community and family, no matter where, deserves a mix of schools of different specialisations to cater to the diverse needs of local pupils and their parents, and that's what we're enlisting outside expertise for. At the same time, we're setting up City Technological Colleges and partnering for more apprenticeships. Only our Opportunity Agenda can provide the best for all our pupils, all of the time. The variant of the current system Labour and the LibDems are offering simply isn't designed to do so."
[Image: NorwichLeafletFront2.png][Image: NorwichLeafletBack.png]
the Rt Hon. Emily Greenwood MP

Deputy Leader of the Labour Party (2019-)

MP for Barrow & Furness (2010-)
Secretary of State for Education (2019-)
Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal and Leader of the House of Commons (2019-)

Shadow SoS for Public Services (2019)

Traits: Media Darling, Campaigning Guru, Constituency Appeal, Finite Resources
HPE Speech (£400):

[Towards the end of the campaign, the Prime Minister visited Norwich, visiting cultural sites and businesses and speaking to residents. At the end of the visit, he delivered a speech.]


It’s great to be here in Norwich – I’ve enjoyed the Cathedral, the Castle Museum and the cobbled streets. But what I’ve enjoyed most of speaking to the people of Norwich. Students concerned about the affordability of rents and the privatisation of their Universities. Savers concerned about how safe their money is in their banks’ hands. Parents struggling to balance their work duties with their childcare ones, left wondering if work is really there to pay at all.

Not all of these conversations were comfortable. They’re not meant to be. As a government the very first fundamental is that we listen, and we respond and engage honestly. It’s been no secret that despite the great achievements Labour have achieved in the past decade, people have looked at us with some distrust for not properly doing step one. I’ll listen to your problems and lead a government that will do its best to come to pragmatic resolutions.

That is my promise to you. And whether it’s taking bold action to protect Northern Rocks’ customers, delivering on minimum wage promises on day one in office or delivering on the promised referendum on the Lisbon Treaty, even when it isn’t easy or convenient, I will stick to my promises.

But the people of Norwich can’t trust the Tories to stick to theirs. Not when we’re confronted with a Tory Party who have already confronted the British public with dishonesty by having their flowery spin differ to starkly from their cruel policy. However much they talk about a side-by-side society, we know that their policies would be a step back into the Conservative government of old that we saw in the 1990’s, with the same economic instability, underfunded public services, high unemployment and low wages. When they say they want to work with you, what they mean is they want to step back so that you do all the work with little reward.

So who can trust the Tories? Their rich mates in Westminster, perhaps. But I know who can’t.

Students in Norwich can’t trust the Tories. I don’t oppose public sector reform, and I don’t wish to turn the clock back on this Labour government’s reforming zeal and achievements – but we must ensure it is public sector, not private sector reform that we’re championing in ten years’ time. The Conservatives think that arbitrary cash handouts will hide the fact they want businesses to take over our schools and Universities: students in Norwich know better. It’s only Labour promising to protect our schools and Universities.

Workers in Norwich can’t trust the Tories. When Labour took bold action on the minimum wage, not just raising it but ensuring that those who break the law are appropriately punished the Tories pivoted from one position to another to defend bad bosses. Where we want good business to thrive, the Tories want bad business to undermine it – first seeming to oppose our changes altogether before pivoting to use your hard-earned money to subsidise bad bosses. We say we should ensure that businesses do as they’re meant to: provide you with the decent wage you have worked hard for.

But this dwindling and politicking is not unusual from Ashbury and her Westminster clique, and we know because of that savers in Norwich can’t trust the Tories. When Northern Rock showed the first signs of instability, we stepped in to protect savers and homeowners. We would do it again in an instant and have put forward a bill to ensure that we can do it quicker to ensure an even more stable economy and financial system for hard working savers.

When we took that bold action, what did the Tories offer as an alternative? On top of the same Tory cruelty we saw Tory dithering and incompetence, saying they would’ve left markets, the economy and savers in more uncertainty and the economy in more danger so they could try to justify their private at all cost agenda. We’ve seen the routine over and over again: the Shadow Chancellor will show that the Tories are the nasty party, and the Leader of the Opposition will jump in, try to fix his PR mess and force half-hearted u turns in the process. That isn’t strong leadership, and it wouldn’t make for strong government.

It’s not even the economy they would endanger with their dithering, but the wider world. Where we’ve been a strong voice on the global stage, the Tories have been a strong voice in the press – chasing headlines and tacking side-by-side, from position to position to try and get good press instead of finding good policy.

This is the choice that faces the people of Norwich: a decisive Labour government that works for you, or a dithering Tory opposition that works for the few.

A vote for the Liberal Democrats is at best a distraction and at worst it will enable the Tories to get one more MP that will vote against the progress this Labour government has delivered. They will vote against record results in schools, the lowest NHS waiting times, higher wages for workers and less crime on our streets.

And they’ll vote against the bold policies this government will introduce that will benefit the people of Norwich.

Whether that’s a tough climate change act that will set tough targets into law: setting strict carbon targets into law can only be the beginning, we will establish a statutory body so that we can ensure the government sticks to those set targets. The Conservatives approach of a nudge here, a prod there and setting targets they may not even be able to fulfil won’t be enough – and it is the future generations of Norwich that will suffer for their complacency.

We will establish an equality act to ensure everyone will be protected against those who wish to do them harm because of how they were born and that they will be free to live their best lives.

We’ll take huge action by investing in housing, with a target of an extra £10 billion invested into housing by the end of Parliament, so that people in Norwich can no longer feel they can be pushed out of this city by rising rents and house prices.

We will champion our record at doubling the number of apprenticeships and pledge to double it again, offering young people across Norwich a sensible, feasible alternative to University, so they have the opportunity to have access to skills and training they can rely on instead of short-term, cash throwing quick fixes through their life.

When the Tories talk about tackling inequality, they’ll wait for the problems to fester – and then throw fuel into the fire. Labour will take preventative action immediately by investing in Sure Start and early years, expanding free childcare and in the process giving parents the freedom to work and boosting the economy in the process.

And we’ll continue to be there right until your later years. This Labour government will produce a white paper on social care, ensuring that we will find a long-term funding settlement for our elderly to ensure everybody has access to the dignity of care in later life and that the government can provide this in a sustainable way.

When the Tories say they’re ‘by your side’, we know it’s just another line they’ve found from a focus group that they hope resonates. But we need more than saying we’re by your side from cradle to grave, we need to back it up with concrete action. And it is only Labour that is offering that concrete action and showing the strength and decisiveness needed to deliver.

But we can’t do this alone. Unlike the Tories we’re not just a party –  we’re a movement. And we know who it is that gives us power: not big businesses and big donors, but the people of Britain just like the people of Norwich. To continue to deliver a strong government that works in the interest of the people of Norwich, we need your votes and your voice behind us.

The greatest Prime Minister this country never had, John Smith, famously said “the opportunity to serve our country – that is all we ask”, knowing that we work for you, with your permission. I understand that. That’s why I’ve come here today as Prime Minister to ask Norwich for the opportunity to serve again.

Thank you.[/i]
Arthur Sweeney MP for Bootle (2001-Present).
                           Prime Minister (2007-Present).
Media Unknown/Backbench Favourite/Campaign Organiser.
Billboard #2 - 200 pounds

[Image: EuropeBillboard.png]
the Rt Hon. Emily Greenwood MP

Deputy Leader of the Labour Party (2019-)

MP for Barrow & Furness (2010-)
Secretary of State for Education (2019-)
Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal and Leader of the House of Commons (2019-)

Shadow SoS for Public Services (2019)

Traits: Media Darling, Campaigning Guru, Constituency Appeal, Finite Resources
(Second) Speech by Shadow Chancellor Samuel Beddow - £200

Good afternoon, Norwich! It is an honor to be out here again in this constituency, Norwich South, for another great day of campaigning for a man who I believe would be an immeasurably valuable addition to Parliament: Anthony Little.

Today, I'd like to focus on a couple of the pressing issues we are facing over in Westminster, and how a bold, progressive Conservative set of policy solutions are best poised to deliver for the average Norvician. These are issues such as the economy, the minimum wage, and our relation with Europe. But, and I hope you'll see today, these issues aren't just singular policy problems that need addressed but are instead indicative of the broader challenges we face as a nation. Some might call the differences between Labour and the Conservatives unnecessary, but you'll see how they come into play and why we need a strong Conservative with real-world experience, such as Anthony Little, to help us lead the charge in the House of Commons.

Let's start with an issue near to my portfolio, and of course that is the economy. It is indeed necessary to protect the savings of working families, to prevent bank runs, and to encourage investment into the future. But the whole situation with Northern Rock just illustrates Labour's instincts when it comes to business: they want to tax, to penalize, to punish. The markets are jolted by the Chancellor's legislation which would give him near unilateral authority to nationalize a bank on his say-so. This is not what we need, just months after the first bank run in many years.

What would a bold and progressive Conservative solution to this problem look like? Well, firstly, we would ensure that emergency provisions need approved by Parliament, not by a single minister. As I listen to voices across this United Kingdom, I consistently hear talk that we don't need government by a president, and we certainly don't need government by a small cabal that surrounds a prime minister. Instead, we need government that empowers everyday Britons - people like you, like me, like Anthony Little. Additionally, we'd look for incentives to guarantee your loans for higher amounts, through increased limits at the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. This is how to prevent future banking crises, and it is a sound policy.

My sparring partner from across the despatch box, the Chancellor, has also raised eyebrows with his pronouncements about the minimum wage. Of course, I support the Low Pay Commission in its mission and its recommendations. If I should ever serve as Chancellor, I would work tirelessly to enact their recommended wage increases. But a fundamental difference between us Conservatives and Labour is that we would not let small businesses out to dry. Instead, we would encourage small businesses to pay higher wages, praise firms that exceed industry standards, and otherwise make important progress towards increasing standards of living for every Briton.

I'd like to pause here, for a moment, to discuss the differences in underlying philosophy between Labour and us Conservatives. While Labour likes to prod and poke and go on the offensive, we would much rather incentivize and encourage. This is a key difference, we want to be on your side, not on top of you! Because while government ought to be your partner in finding real solutions to real problems, it cannot be an omnipotent force that directs you like pawns in a game of chess.

Our approach to Europe likewise rests on the consent of the people. We support calls for a referendum on Lisbon, but we would go much further. Any future transfer of sovereignty to Europe, no matter how small, ought to be met with the approval of the British people. A single referendum cannot be taken as approval for unilateral expansion of European powers, at the expense of powers reserved to the British people.

My friends, I hope that you can see the important issues facing our nation today. From the economy to Europe, to other issues such as education and climate, Conservatives are leading the fight to be on your side. And no candidate is better equipped to represent these interests, these passions, than Anthony Little. So, on [date], I strong encourage you to vote where your heart leads you: vote for Anthony Little.
Owain Pugh MP
Plaid Cymru for Dwyfor Meirionnydd
Campaigning Guru/Fundraising Extraordinaire/Media Darling/Maverick
Billboard 4 - £200

The billboard is a simple design with, in traditional Lib Dem colours, reading "VOTE LIBERAL DEMOCRAT" - and then "TO CHANGE POLITICS" and "TO SEND THE TWO TIRED OLD PARTIES A MESSAGE."
Grant Smith
Liberal Democrat MP for Leeds North West (2005-present)

Media Unknown, Constituency Appeal, Campaign Organiser, Fundraiser Extraordinaire 
Previously: Sir Lachlan Domnhall Coinneach Duncan MacMahon; Graham Adiputera; I think I played some dull Labour bloke at one point
Deputy Conservative Leader and Shadow Home Secretary David Robertson canvassed (300) with Antony Little in Norwich South, meeting local voters. He spoke on the issues below:

Education Every child deserves a world-class education. And while Labour has made inroads for some pupils, Antony and the Conservative Party believe it is time for an education system that works for all pupils, all the time. The truth is that every party believes in greater investment - but only the Conservative Party has proposed a strategy that delivers greater results by pairing together needed reforms with investment. More money and more regulation will equal more disappointment. We are the party proposing an Opportunity Agenda for the nation. This will mean an education revolution - greater freedom for schools and teachers, more involvement and choice for parents, and greater opportunities for pupils. We will do this by offering every maintained school a chance to become an academy, allowing parents, teachers, and nongovernment entities the ability to create free schools, and opening avenues for more technical education and apprenticeships.

A Say in Europe The Conservative Party believes it is time to give the British people a say in any further transfers of powers to Europe. We have had too many bureaucrats and politicians make the decisions in your name and all we have ended up with is more regulation and more sovereignty resting in the hands of Brussels. Antony Little understands that enough is enough. It is time for a change and it is time to empower you to have a say in the future of who governs this nation.
David A. Robertson
Dumfriesshire, Clydesdale and Tweeddale
Deputy Leader for Conservatives|Shadow SOS - Home Dept
Campaign Guru, Media Darling, Maverick

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