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The Traits System
In a new twist to the gameplay, characters may have traits that have a direct effect on actions taken. Each positive trait has a corresponding negative trait. At the time of sign-up, new characters may either come in with one positive trait or two positive traits and one negative trait. The Administrators reserve the power to assign or remove traits at any point on their own accord or at the suggestion of the player base.

Media Darling/Media Unknown - Media darling makes it much likelier that you'll be requested for media appearances/comments, and your press comments are more likely to be featured.
Constituency Appeal/Constituency Pariah - Your constituents really like you, and mayhaps this will affect others in neighboring constituencies, too!
Campaigning Guru/Uninspiring - When you speak, no matter where - people listen and care.
Fundraising Extraordinaire/Finite Resources - You're able to get almost any donor to give you money.
Backbench Favourite/Maverick - You're popular with the backbenchers and your opinion will be heard more in debate and in votes.
Campaign Organiser/Socially Unaware - Someone's been studying at the Lynton Crosby School of Electioneering - you're able to use forms of campaigning other than face-to-face to your advantage.

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