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RULES: Division Lobbies
This should hopefully be self-explanatory but for the avoidance of doubt:

When a bill is moved to division members will have 2 RL days to vote. Members will be required to vote Aye or Noe (Not Yes or No, Ay or Nay) or even Abstain. In the past we've had people vote Aye and then Noe which is standard practice in the House of Commons to abstain. To make things easier please just put Abstain if you wish to Abstain. 

After voting the AVs will play the role of Speaker and announce the result.
For clarification on the rules for voting, non-voting, and abstaining.

If a party sets a three-line whip, we will assume that all MPs vote with their party whip unless someone posts a different vote. 

If a party sets any other whip, we will handle division results using the BBS sheet - so you do need to vote.

Three line whips are very rare and should only be used for confidence votes, Budget votes, and the most high-profile government business (we're talking maybe one or two things an IG year at an absolute limit). If you over-use them your MPs will start to ignore them and treat them like 2-line whips.

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