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PM Address from 10 Downing
Having returned from Buckingham Palace, William Croft arrives outside 10 Downing in a black town car. Exiting the vehicle with his wife Gabriellla, Croft waves to acknowledge the crowds of supporters and assembled press waiting across the street. As protestors roar from just outside the blockade, and office staff crowd near one side of the door, Croft approaches the podium set up just in front of Number 10’s famous black door, and begins his remarks. 

Good evening. I have just been to see Her Majesty the Queen, who has invited me to form a Government, and I have accepted. 

I want to take a moment to pay tribute to the hard work and conviction of my predecessor, and her profound sense of public duty. There is no doubt in my mind that she did everything in her ability to get the best deal possible for our country. 

But for three years now our country has been in a state of paralysis, held desperately in the past, and forced to continuously play over the old arguments of 2016. Pessimists at home and abroad have tried to deter us, preferring to wallow in their predictions of doom and gloom. Today I am here to say enough is enough, and to usher in a new chapter of the great story that is The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. 

The people who bet against Britain are going to lose, because we are going to restore trust in our democracy, and honor the democratic mandate put to us to leave the EU on March 29th. 

The British people have had enough of waiting, of indecision, of delay. Now is the time to act. I intend to act in the interests of all Britons, those who supported me, and those who do not. As Prime Minister, my solemn commitment to you is that from now until my last day in Number 10, I will tirelessly work for you. 

My job is to serve you, the people. And it would be wise for all of us politicians to remember that fact, and to remember that it is the people who are our bosses. My job is to do your work, the people's work. 

My job is to keep our country safe, and to ensure every person lives in a community where they feel secure. That’s why I’ve announced my commitment to hire 20,000 new police officers, and to give our brave men and women who serve on the police force the tools they need to get the job done. It’s why this Government will introduce legislation ending early release for individuals convicted of terrorism, and why we will mandate that those who kill the most vulnerable in our society, children, go to jail for life. 

My job is to protect our nation’s public services, like our invaluable NHS, and to build them up in order to meet the challenges of a new decade. As Prime Minister I will make good on my promise of hiring 40,000 new nurses, 6,000 new doctors, and building 40 new hospitals. It will amount to a massive, record setting injection of investment that will allow for 50 million new GP appointments a year. This Government will work to achieve a cross party consensus on a permanent solution to the social care crisis, so that our most vulnerable neighbors and friends know they have quality care they can rely on. 

My job is to lead an economic revolution that will close the opportunity gap and spark a Second Industrial Revolution. As Prime Minister, I want to build a country that allows each of us to share in the awesome economic growth and opportunity Britain has to offer. Whether you’re a farmer in Wales, a teacher in England, or a business owner in Scotland, you deserve to be a part of our country’s new success story. That is why this Government is committed to keeping taxes low, and raising the National Insurance threshold to give 50 million British workers a tax cut. It’s why we are planning to invest hundreds of millions of pounds into infrastructure upgrades, fixing local and strategic roads, and building new rail lines like the Northern Powerhouse Rail. And critically, to ensure every British child has the tools they need to turn their dreams into a reality, we’ll be putting £14 billion pounds into schools across the United Kingdom. 

And yes, my job is to honor the democratic will of the British people and secure a good deal that allows our country to exit the European Union on March 29. My Government will immediately set upon renegotiating the Withdrawal Agreement, and identifying alternatives to the undemocratic backstop. Although I am entirely confident a deal will be reached, the Government will nevertheless ensure Britain is completely prepared in the event of a no deal scenario. Together, we will embrace this exciting moment in our country’s history, forging a new relationship with our European friends built on free trade and cooperation, opening our country to new free trade agreements with our allies around the world, and unleashing the full potential of the British people. 

We in Britain recognize our solemn duty to Europe, and indeed to the world. Since our nation’s inception we have been a guiding light for good, and we have acted to impart upon the world our values of democracy, liberty, tolerance and respect for all. As we enter this new phase of our national destiny, we seek not to run from that duty, but to embrace. As your Prime Minister, I seek to lead a Government that honors that responsibility, while honoring our ultimate responsibility: to fight for a better future for all British people. 

At this extraordinary moment, when all of us are called to act, we have the potential to achieve so much. After three years of unfounded self doubt, it is time to change the record. It is time to recover our natural and historic role as en enterprising, outward looking, and truly global Britain. Committed to doing good, and engaged with the world. No one in the past few centuries has succeeded in betting against the pluck, nerve, and ambitious of our island nation. They will not succeed today. Together we will rise to the occasion, and make this moment the beginning of Britain’s next Golden Era. 

Thank you very much, now let’s get to work.
William Grey MP - Conservative Party 

MP for Romford (2015 - )

Backbench Favorite, Campaigning Guru, Socially Unaware 
The first speech in the Croft Trilogy is the PM's attempt to set the stage for his upcoming premiership. There is a lot of head scratching as you said your predecessor, a woman who's career in front line politics you just helped to end, did her best to get a good deal but the real deal came up fast to make them forget all about that. Mr Croft is an optimist and this speech laid out his optimistic vision for the UK, he is going to be the PM that bets in Britain (Brexit), restores trust in our democracy (Brexit), and honours the democratic mandate (Brexit), just don't ask him who elected him to be Prime Minister. You outline a plan that looks eerily familiar pledging the final death and burial of austerity and a return to normality after 9yrs of economic oblivion, fiscal austerity, and whatever the hell Brexit has become. It's a good little speech that sets out your stall well and makes people genuinely optimistic for the first time since, well since Gordon Brown probably.
2xp to Croft

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