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PC2: No Deal and Parliamentary Wranglings
This PC will be open for the entire IG month of March to cover everything that happens in Whitehall and Parliament regarding Brexit, whether we deal, no deal, or extend.
Last night I went before the House of Commons to file two motions, the first steps in fulfilling my promise to the British people that their Government will get Brexit done on March 29. The motion in question, M-1, is a simple and straightforward proposal confirming the Government's right to ensure Britain withdraws from the European Union on time whether or not a deal is reached. Given that the Labour Party is openly committing to doing everything in their power to bind the Government's hands during the negotiations and block Brexit, this is a necessary preemptive measure to ensure we are in the strongest possible position as we begin the fight for a better deal. 

This motion exists not simply to allow us to leave in the event of no deal, but more importantly, to give us all of the necessary tools needed to urge our European friends to renegotiate the Withdrawal Agreement. Because quite simply, if Brussels is led to believe that the Government is unable to leave the EU without a deal, they know we are willing to accept any deal. That is an unacceptable situation for me, for this Government, and for the British people. Those who voted leave, who voted for remain, and truly people all over the world are ready to get this over with and move on. The motions introduced to Parliament today ensure we will do just that.
William Grey MP - Conservative Party 

MP for Romford (2015 - )

Backbench Favorite, Campaigning Guru, Socially Unaware 
The PM lays it bare why he's trying to push Brexit motions though Parliament: to stifle debate. He says it clearly and honestly, which I suppose deserves a small measure of credit. But the fact of the matter is, while the PM and the Tories claim to speak for the people of Britain they don't. The PM stands there and demands that all of Britain bow to him. He demands that the EU bow to him. And the only way we can do that is to sit down, shut up, and vote on his deal without any reasoned debate or input.

The Prime Minister's Brexit fetish comes full focus- and it comes with an admission he doesn't care what anyone thinks whether they're in Parliament, in Northern Ireland, in Scotland, in Wales, or even in England. There are valid arguments on both sides as to the path we should take forward, but the Prime Minister wants to just bulldoze over them in an attempt to look like a leader. This is the path that the Tories want to take? Then I hope they're ready to answer personally to each person that their strategy is set to harm. It's my desire that we tackle this issue rationally, with calm heads, and not with slogans and memes and other forms of posturing. Sadly, "rational discussion and informed debate" is not what we are going to get.
Ethan Richland MP 
MP for West Bromwich West (2015-) | Labour
Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer (2019-)
Media Unknown Constituency Appeal | Campaigning Guru
The question to me is - how do we get Brexit done and move on to important issues such as the NHS, schools and building an economy that provides good, well paying jobs? William Croft's gung-ho approach made for nice Tory stump speeches, but is just a recipe for more dithering and more division. He knows that Parliament can't, in good conscience, allow us to leave without a deal on 29 March and walk off a cliff into the unknown. So he should stand up, be the Prime Minister the country deserves and go and negotiate a better deal that can unite the country. Instead of working in the national interest, the Prime Minister is wasting his time on backroom politics, soviet-esque party crackdowns on dissent, and preparing for a self-interested general election. 

I have always been sceptical about the European Union. I'll admit that I'm not entirely sad that we are leaving it, although I think that the huge collective distraction that has been Brexit justifies to me at least why I voted remain in 2016.

What I want right now is for us to move on to bigger issues. But to do that we either need a deal that can unite Parliament and the country, or we should give the people the final say and put an end to this. Either would get this done and allow us to move on. Given his petulant grandstanding in his first few days it is abundantly clear that William Croft is not interested in uniting anything other than Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson. So that is why, reluctantly, I think it's time for a final vote on this to go to the people to settle this for good, move us on, and let the country focus on bigger issues.
Eleanor Nerina | Labour MP for Brent North (2010 - )
Shadow Secretary of State for Business, Innovation, and Sustainable Growth (2019 - )
Traits: Campaign organiser / Media darling / Finite resources
While I wholeheartedly agree that we must exit the European Union, we cannot do it at the expense of putting the economy, jobs and the livelihoods of people up and down this country in danger. We have spent so long fixing the mistakes of the last Labour Government, it would be foolish to gamble that progress on something that we know will be dangerous for the United Kingdom - a no deal Brexit. I implore the Government and Prime Minister to do everything that he can to ensure we leave with a deal. We must act sensibly instead of employing a tactic of brinkmanship with the European Union.
Michael Marshall | Conservative MP | Surrey Heath | Media Darling | Campaign Guru
It appears my amendment of the Fixed Term Parliaments Repeal Bill has caught our august Prime Minister with his hand in the cookie jar. Within minutes of division being opened, the Prime Minister let the nation know that I was hijacking his bill to satisfy Labour's "stop Brexit" agenda. Quite apart from the fact that it was on Twitter and that I am not Labour's leader, he's saying I'm trying to stop Brexit. Of course I am not - maybe the Prime Minister should advise himself which lobby I went through on the People's Vote. I am trying to stop his disastrous Wreck-it Brexit and make it clear to him there needs to be a better, softer deal. But now we have it from the horse's mouth: the FTPA repeal was part of a plan to shove a no-deal Brexit down this country's throat without parliamentary scrutiny - William Croft should be ashamed of these un-prime ministerial, undemocratic political games.
the Rt Hon. Emily Greenwood MP

Deputy Leader of the Labour Party (2019-)

MP for Barrow & Furness (2010-)
Secretary of State for Education (2019-)
Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal and Leader of the House of Commons (2019-)

Shadow SoS for Public Services (2019)

Traits: Media Darling, Campaigning Guru, Constituency Appeal, Finite Resources
The Prime Minister has used every tool at his disposal to avoid coming before Parliament to offer a speech on Brexit. Now, he has scheduled an address from Number 10 to state his position. The Prime Minister tried to force through no deal. He tried to force through having his wreck-it Brexit during an election. While the votes are not finished yet, they are likely to fail. It is time for the Prime Minister to abandon his no win, no deal fantasy and propose real negotiating goals with the European Union. The Prime Minister must use this address to abandon his red lines and announce support for - at a minimum - retaining Customs Union membership. The Withdrawal Agreement that Theresa May agreed to was not what the people voted for. The wreck-it Brexit proposed by Will Croft isn't either. It's time to have a real dialogue with the EU - and that starts by abandoning silly, irresponsible red lines.
Caroline Blakesley MP DCB
Prime Minister (June 2019-)
MP for Manchester Central (2015-) | Labour
Traits: Fundraising Extraordionare, Campaign Guru, Media Darling, Constituency Pariah
The Leader of the Opposition has been undeterred in her mission to sabotage the government's negotiations with the EU from the moment of her election, and this continues once again with another set of amendments trying to force a People's Vote and stop us leaving the EU at the end of the month. The government cannot effectively negotiate with the EU if our negotiating position is undermined by the actions of those committed solely to Brexit-wrecking at home. I would urge those attempting to hijack both the motion and the FTPA repeal to bear this thought in mind: the people are watching these childish parliamentary disputes and backdoor shenanigans and ultimately we will face their judgement on this.

Nevertheless, I am confident that come what may, we will be leaving the EU with or without a deal by the end of this month. The Prime Minister remains committed to securing the best deal possible, and I am incredibly hopeful for the outcome of these negotiations
Julia Goldman
Shadow Secretary of State for Scoltand
Shadow Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Growth
Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities
Member of Parliament for Dumfries and Galloway (2019 - present)
Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Media Darling/Campaigning Guru/Socially Unaware
There is significant outrage and hysterics coming from the Opposition nowadays, ranging from the absurd claims regarding the vital government motion to the delusional range of arguments presented against the Government. In essence, to the eyes of the Opposition the Prime Minister and the Cabinet have committed an unspeakable, unforgivable crime: they are doing what they promised they would do, which is to get Brexit done now, and done well. The government motion is a vital and necessary step to clarify the next steps ahead and to provide clarity against the confusion that the Opposition and particularly the Labour Party would impose on this country, denying the Prime Minister the means and tools that he needs to negotiate a good deal for Britain with the EU.

The constant steam of amendments being presented, far from being in good faith, are part of the Leader of the Opposition’s express intent to take control of the House of Commons timetable in an effort to secure her goal of a divisive, unnecessary second referendum to overturn Brexit, a task in which she is already meeting resistance from MP’s who do not feel they can let down their constituencies and u-turn on their rhetoric so easily and so rapidly. It is my hope that the House will see these delaying and obstructionist tactics for what they are, and allow the Government to carry on with the vital task of making Brexit a success for us all.
Rt. Hon. Andrew Summer MP - Conservative and Unionist Party
Member of Parliament for Sevenoaks (2010 - Present)

Shadow Culture Secretary (January 2020 - Present)
-Former: Security Minister / Shadow Home Secretary
Fundraising Extraordinaire (+) / Campaigning Guru (+) / Media Unknown (-)
The voices of a majority of MPs were heard loud and clear today in Westminster when we adopted an amendment to wholeheartedly reject the no-deal Brexit backed by Croft and company. No-deal isn't a credible bargaining chip, given the damage we'd inflict upon ourselves if Europe called our bluff - so Mr. Croft should stop gambling with livelihoods on the line. From transport to agriculture, trade to global cooperation, Britain must not sacrifice our future for an ideological concession - we must have a deal, and Parliament is making that quite clear.
Owain Pugh MP
Plaid Cymru for Dwyfor Meirionnydd
Campaigning Guru/Fundraising Extraordinaire/Media Darling/Maverick

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