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Press Cycle 3 - New Leader of the Opposition
I am so very delighted that Caroline has been elected Leader of the Opposition. Her exceptional performance during the leadership election, as well as that of Ms. Greenwood, has placed our party in a strong position to move forward, to challenge the Conservative Party, and to champion a new vision for Britain. In Caroline, we have found a leader with the courage, conviction, and tact to provide a meaningful alternative to what is an increasingly cowardly, unprincipled, and volatile Conservative government.
New Forest West
Shadow SoS for Justice
Spartan Conservative
Media Darling | Campaign Guru | Socially Unaware
I, for one, applaud the election of the new Leader of the Opposition. She has quite rightly ended the pretense that Labour intends to respect the will of the British people expressed during the referendum on leaving the European Union and has made plain and open that, under her leadership, the Labour party will do anything it can to block Brexit. While I applaud her honesty, I'm alarmed at how casually she and the Labour party have clearly indicated their rejection of the will of the British people.

Ms. Greenwood's election makes one thing clear: anyone who believes that the will of the British people on Brexit must be delivered must support the Conservative party. Reasonable people can and will disagree on whether or not the British people made the right decision on whether or not to leave the European Union--but the fact remains that the British people expressed their will in a democratic referendum and now we, as elected representatives of the people, must honour their wishes. The rhetoric and policies of Ms. Greenwood are inherently counter to the wishes that have been democratically expressed, and her election as leader of the Labour Party should be a clear sign that those who believe that the will of the British people in the Referendum should be honoured no longer have a place in the Labour Party.

(Edit: Ms. Blakesley's election... beginning of paragraph 2. Changed in one draft but not in another!)
Daniel Brown
Conservative MP for Bosworth
Shadow Home Secretary
Traits: Constituency Appeal (+)/Media Darling (+)/Campaigning Guru (+)/Finite Resources (-)
I am pleased to form a team with Caroline Blakesley and serve as her deputy. Together, I am convinced we can stop the Tories' disastrous wreck-it Brexit and push for a better deal that honours both the vote of the 52% and the vote of the 48%. That, ultimately, is the way to do right by our constituents and all of the country. The Tories have brought home only disappointment, disaster and division from Brussels and are now desperately looking for a way out - a quest that might very well lead us over the cliff of a no deal, no win Brexit. In this Caroline and I are 100% united: Labour is the place for all those who know we can do better than this disastrous wreck-it Brexit, and want to see that delivered.
the Rt Hon. Emily Greenwood MP

Deputy Leader of the Labour Party (2019-)

MP for Barrow & Furness (2010-)
Secretary of State for Education (2019-)
Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal and Leader of the House of Commons (2019-)

Shadow SoS for Public Services (2019)

Traits: Media Darling, Campaigning Guru, Constituency Appeal, Finite Resources
Caroline Blakesley is already facing rebellion in her own party, she is divisive, unfocused and uncompromising in her hostility towards Brexit. Labour wants to betray the results of the referendum and is already facing rebellions in her own party. Brexit Party is welcoming Labour MPs, members and supporters left, right and centre across the country due Blakesley's decision not to respect the results of the referendum. Blakesley's decision to ignore the will of people won't be forgotten or forgiven.
Brigitte Allard MP
Member for Stoke on Trent North
Leader of the Brexit Party

Media Darling/Fundraising Extraordinaire/Maverick/Constituency Darling(awarded by admins)
Now it's Blakesley's turn to be the centre of attention and boy was it a baptism by fire. Allard went straight for the northern and midlands voters who just want to get Brexit done and very clearly says that Blakesley will ignore your vote and that you should vote BXP to give Labour a wake up call. Nyland congratulates Caroline on her win before Summer came in and just eviscerated the whole damn contest. Scathingly he declared that this was all horrible for the UK and everyone should be very afraid of Labour and their new leader before rounding on Brexit and just reminding everyone that Blakesley is a pro-PV leader. Croft reinforces that message as does Wodehouse. It was great to see the Tories, again, being laser focused and disciplined in their message. Nerina attacked the Tories a couple of times on building a fair society and on Brexit before Allard turned up to rub salt in the wounds after the defection of Gisella Stuart (before I got the special cycle up for it). Greenwood congratulated her foe on her victory before Un put in a good line about listening vs telling when it comes to the people. Levy was interesting in his response and his hits on the Tories are definitely strongly worded, Brown fires up the Brexit cannon and lands another big hit on Labour before Greenwood returns for a second innings. Allard rounds things off with a secondary gloat at Blakesley's expense and another nail in the Brexit coffin.

After this cycle one thing is crystal clear in the minds of voters. Blakesley is not a Brexiteer. In some places this will help (down south, Scotland, London) in others it will very much hinder (north, midlands, Wales). The Tories were ruthlessly effective and laser-focused in their attacks, focusing on Brexit and nothing but Brexit, really trying to drive Labour down in the areas they need to make gains in to retain Number 10 at the next election, the BXP also helped on this front. Labour just didn't really have an answer to this fact. On the positive side though the absence of the rest of the minor parties allowed you to stake a good claim to be at the forefront of the soft-Brexit to PV demographic. XP to Summer, Brown, Greenwood, and Nerina.

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