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Press Cycle 4 - Labour and Tory Defections
From the office of Harriet Laski - Green Party Co - Leader

Firstly I would like to condemn in the strongest terms the attack on Gisela Stuat's office, an attack on elected official is an attack on us all and our democracy and has no place in a peaceful respectful society.

The defection of Gisela Stuart doesn't really change an iota in terms of Brexit or British politics, The Tory party's disastrous Brexit agenda is a diaster for the UK, a disaster for our environment and worker’s rights. It doesnt matter whether Gisela remains in Labour, sits with the Brexit Party or the Tories the reality remains the same, brexit is a bad idea and our future lies with European co-operation.

The Green will continue to oppose No deal and any bad deal for the UK. The Green Party will continue to fight to the last minute for the people to have the final say.
Harriet Laski
Green Party Co-Leader
Candidate for Bristol West
Constituency Appeal, Campaigning Guru, Finite Resources
Due to the rapid progression of this story the deadline has been extended to the 3rd of April.
I am glad to see more and more Members of Parliament come to recognize that both Labour and the Conservatives are out of touch with their constituents. Here in Wales, we have been underfunded by the Conservative government in Westminster and mismanaged by the Labour government in the National Assembly. The solution, which appears to be picking up steam, is not to vote for the same two parties but to look to forward-thinking alternatives, local groups, and devolved governance. I am proud that Plaid Cymru stands for these principles in all the right ways for Wales.
Owain Pugh MP
Plaid Cymru for Dwyfor Meirionnydd
Campaigning Guru/Fundraising Extraordinaire/Media Darling/Maverick
I would like to commend Robert Lascelles and his colleagues for their bravery in standing up to the heavy-handed and presidential behaviour of the Prime Minister at the cost of their own whip. It must be very hard on them to leave behind the party they've worked with for all of their political lives. However, it also goes to show the intense radicalisation of the Conservative Party as a result of their Brexit arms race. It seems the days of the broad Conservative Party are now long gone; the only party that still appreciates diversity of opinion seems to be the Labour Party. That also confirms that One Nation Conservatism, seeking to bring the nation together, is dead, and there's all the reason to lament its passing. The Labour Party is now the only party that has any interest in resolving the divisions and bringing Britain back together.
the Rt Hon. Emily Greenwood MP

Deputy Leader of the Labour Party (2019-)

MP for Barrow & Furness (2010-)
Secretary of State for Education (2019-)
Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal and Leader of the House of Commons (2019-)

Shadow SoS for Public Services (2019)

Traits: Media Darling, Campaigning Guru, Constituency Appeal, Finite Resources
Brexit Party is truly a diverse party, we have Conservatives who have been bothered with Conservative Party's disastrous Strabane Surrender and decision to abandon unionism in name of pursuing deals with the EU, while they could have been embracing a Clean Brexit, the Brexit people have voted for and Labour members who have been bothered by Labour's decision to abandon their core voters, their heartlands and their say. That is why I am proud to have Mark Francois, Gisela Stuart and John Mann and many more across the country embracing the Brexit Party membership. Our party is laser focused on delivering the Brexit people voted for but it is not just about the delivering the Brexit people voted for, it is also about delivering the opportunities that will come with Brexit. Our party believes in Britain and all of the opportunities that Brexit offers to our beautiful country. We can be a country with prosperity is spread around every part of it, we can be a country with fair laws and we can be country that decides its own fate without any meddling from other countries. That is what Brexit is all about and we are ready to deliver it.

Our party is successfully courting Labour and Tory members across the country who are tired with both parties ignoring their voices, shoving down their agenda and not looking at the cost of their agenda. There are millions of voters across this country who believes in strong public services, a strong military, patriotism and unionism, strong fiscal discipline, tough but fair immigration, opposition to reckless interventionism and controlling our own destiny. Right now both Tories and Labour are leaving millions of voters across the country without an option or worse, forcing them to choose between their beliefs, forcing them to choose whether strong public services or strong military is more important, Brexit Party is bridging that divide and offering these voters an option. Mark Francois, Gisela Stuart, and John Mann are just three examples of bridging this divide and embracing an agenda for British people where we can have a better future and offering an option for millions of people across the country.
Brigitte Allard MP
Member for Stoke on Trent North
Leader of the Brexit Party

Media Darling/Fundraising Extraordinaire/Maverick/Constituency Darling(awarded by admins)
This cycle evolved massively as the new moved on. It started with Greenwood and Nyland expressing their confusion and exposing the paradox at the heart of the Labour Party right now. The leader wants a People's Vote, the party (narrowly) want a People's Vote, but right now there is a very loud and vocal minority who do not want a People's Vote. Definitely a confusing dynamic for everyone involved (myself included to a lesser extent). Of course the Tories inevitably show up and Andrew Summer lays into Labour as a Remainer Party saying "people who support Brexit have no space" and laying a rain of fists down on Labour's bleeding body. Knight shows up with more of the same but also exposes the hypocrisy of Labour wanting by-elections for their defectors but not for the ex-Cons in TIG. Allard decides to call a plague on both your houses and attacks both main parties for failing the country, this is followed up by a strong attack against Labour and TIG and some clear policy on strengthening existing recall petition provisions.

The Prime Minister attacked Labour next along with Wodehouse, both of them delivered effective lines that really begin to pummel Labour (who look rather in need of a hero right about now). Luckily their prayers are answered and Labour gets a counter-attack from Levy who exposes the hypocrisy at the heart of the BXP argument namely that they believe in recalls but refuse to go for by-elections themselves (for a bonus point you could have mentioned Carswell, their colleague, who did submit to a by-election in 2014). Greenwood then took to the podium to decry the violence against Ms Stuart and then call for a more civilised debate. Ms Laski of the Green Party is next up and condemns everyone for supporting Brexit to really gee up her base before Mr Pugh of Plaid fires up his. Greenwood condemns the Tory mass-firing of their rebellious MPs before Ms Allard finishes up with a 1-2, initially aimed at the Tories and then striking pretty much anything that by-God moves.

This little period of the round was absolutely seismic. In its entire history UKIP had three MPs (1 of which was prevented from taking that whip) and in a few short days/weeks the Brexit Party managed to hit 4. Labour's Brexit wing has been dealt a severe blow through the loss of one of the most vocal pro-Brexit voices in Ms Stuart and the attacks on a Brexiteer's office make people pause to consider their language (on both sides, don't worry it didn't last long). The Tories were excellent, they were focused with their messaging (again) and they operated as an effective killing unit to tear chunks out of Labour. Labour were on the back foot for pretty much all of this cycle and it showed, they were at their best when they attacked the Brexit Party and the Tories later on but the whole routine of "I don't understand how you could do this" was strange considering these are two MPs who were on the much Brexitier side of the spectrum leaving so they could vote against plans to stop a No Deal. The Brexit Party were similarly as outstanding as the Tories were but they never took their foot off the gas. There are (now redundant) questions about the by-election policy but they were effective first at attacking Labour, then at attacking the Tories, and oftentimes just attacking everyone. There was a good policy drop as well to make it seem like you care about more than your No Deal Brexit purity test. Plaid and the Greens were welcome perspectives and did a good job of riling up their bases.

This cycle was definitely a win for the Conservative Party and the Brexit Party, leaning more towards the latter. Every cycle I have marked this round I can tell you exactly what the Tory message was "Brexit", doesn't matter if they used it as a club to hit Labour or as a leg to stand on themselves they have been ruthlessly efficient and very strong in targeting their messaging. The Brexit Party were similarly disciplined (easier with only one member) and got some brownie points for unveiling a policy. XP will go to Greenwood, Levy, Croft, and Summer

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