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Press Cycle 4 - Labour and Tory Defections
What does the defection of Gisella Stuart mean for Brexit politics going forward? What does it mean for British politics going forwards?

Cycle will close at 23:59 on the 2nd April
I am saddened by Gisela Stuart's decision to leave the Labour Party and puzzled by her motivation. I voted with her against a People's Vote - the very fact of that proves that there's still a place in the Labour Party for people like Gisela. I honestly don't know what prompted her to leave beyond that - but if she is now going to support a wreck-it Brexit alongside her new party, then she has a lot of accounting to do to her constituents who will be hurt by the disaster, division and disappointment of a no deal. She should do the decent thing and resign to face a by-election.
the Rt Hon. Emily Greenwood MP

Deputy Leader of the Labour Party (2019-)

MP for Barrow & Furness (2010-)
Secretary of State for Education (2019-)
Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal and Leader of the House of Commons (2019-)

Shadow SoS for Public Services (2019)

Traits: Media Darling, Campaigning Guru, Constituency Appeal, Finite Resources
Personally, I am rather confused by why Gisela felt she couldn't oppose a People's Vote from within the Labour Party, I and many of my colleagues made the decision to oppose that amendment and yet we remain party members, happy to vote for the party, I sincerely wonder what really changed for her? Whatever the impact on British politics this may have, it is clear that Gisela should trigger a by-election so that her constituents may pass judgement on her decision, if the Brexit Party is so sure of its support, then they should feel confident enough to test it. Otherwise we can only conclude that she intends to squat in a seat she only won by virtue of being the Labour Party candidate.
Labour MP for Nottingham South (2010-)
Shadow Secretary of State for Social Security, Housing, and Employment (2019-)
Campaigning Guru/Fundraising Extraordinaire/Maverick
It would seem that there comes a point in which, having witnessed first-hand both the tactics employed by Caroline Blakesley to get elected and her ceaseless drive to obstruct Brexit and push for a divisive second referendum, at least some Labour MP’s start to wonder if they can sit idly by as their leadership turns their back on millions of their own voters and makes up every excuse not to implement the will of the public. Ms. Stuart seems to have found that on her conscience she could not credibly stand behind her leader and pretend the new Labour policy on Brexit was consistent, principled or respectful of people’s concerns, and has seemingly – and reasonably, in my opinion – concluded that every day there’s less space in Labour for people who support Brexit and want it to be a success.
This does, however, open up the question of transparency and accountability when it comes to Members of Parliament and the process of defection. It bears reminding there’s already a large group of MP’s in Parliament who, having defected from their parties, continue to refuse any suggestion that they should hold a by-election as the democratic, transparent and ultimately proper thing to do. And in this context of defections, The Independent Group’s steadfast refusal to call by-elections and ask their constituents for their opinion, out of the cynical – and self-evident – concern that they will lose their jobs is behavior that proves is harmful to politics and helps to give Westminster a bad name.
Rt. Hon. Andrew Summer MP - Conservative and Unionist Party
Member of Parliament for Sevenoaks (2010 - Present)

Shadow Culture Secretary (January 2020 - Present)
-Former: Security Minister / Shadow Home Secretary
Fundraising Extraordinaire (+) / Campaigning Guru (+) / Media Unknown (-)
Labour like to support calls for by-elections and the recalling of MPs when they switch to a different party, but only when it suits them.  I doubt they'd want the likes of Anna Soubry recalled - she doesn't support Brexit - however, if an MP defects to the Brexit Party its a completely different matter. Are Labour going to support by-elections for the entire CUK party, or is it only for those MPs who don't agree with them?
MP for Hexham 2005 -
I am glad to have Gisela by our side where she can support Brexit and help us provide a vision for Britain that is needed right now. Both parties are neglecting a huge segment of voters that have been left behind who want to have strong public services, a tough on crime approach, a strict and fair immigration system and a clean Brexit. Brexit Party is filling that empty space. I am proud to have Gisela whose wide and distinguished experience as chair of the official Leave campaign, the person who has made Brexit happen by making sure the European Constitution has an exit clause and who has served her constituents with dedication.

Those Labour MPs who have been calling Gisela to resign are showing how hypocritical they are once again. These MPs have not demanded Luciana Berger to resign after she left Labour due to virulent anti-semitism in their party nor they demanded Edith Granger to resign after she resigned because she has disagreed with her party's own Brexit approach. Brexit Party's stance on this loud and clear, we support a right to recall for MPs who have switched parties whether that person being Gisela, Luciana or Edith. This has been our stance from the beginning, and this will be our stance now and in the future as well.
Brigitte Allard MP
Member for Stoke on Trent North
Leader of the Brexit Party

Media Darling/Fundraising Extraordinaire/Maverick/Constituency Darling(awarded by admins)
Gisella Stuart is emblematic of the new reality that there is no place in the Labour Party for MPs, or even everyday members and supporters, who voted for Brexit or simply believe that the will of the British people ought to be respected. With their actions today in Parliament, Labour has made it quite clear where they stand: on the side of those who seek to ignore and reverse the democratic will of the British People. They're attempting to ram through legislation calling for a second referendum, hoping to cancel the results of 2016 and silence the millions of British people who voted to leave the EU. They're determined to play parliamentary games, hijacking the Government's agenda, to force their own political views upon the British people. 

To the millions of Labour voters who voted to leave in 2016, I simply have this to say: you have a Prime Minister who hears you, who knows you feel ignored, and who is committed to fighting for you every single day that I am Number 10 Downing. You may not have a leader you can count on in your own party, but you have one in me.
William Grey MP - Conservative Party 

MP for Romford (2015 - )

Backbench Favorite, Campaigning Guru, Socially Unaware 
I have nothing but the utmost respect for Gisela Stuart's decision. I'm sure it can't have been easy to come to the decision to leave a party that she had been a member of for many years and an elected representative of for two decades. The defection of her, a loyal party member and former minister, shows clearly the pressure that Labour is under. This shows clearly the crisis that is facing the Labour Party. They've already lost a plethora of MPs to Change UK, and with their drift to supporting a second referendum they have lost another. Whichever way they go, the Labour Party has entered into a tailspin - losing MPs both left, right and centre as Brexit tears them apart.

However, whilst I support Gisela's decision in leaving Labour, I am disappointed by her decision not to submit herself to a by-election. Although in our political system voters vote for individual candidates and not parties, when someone votes for a candidate of a party, the inherent implication within that is an endorsement of that party and their policies. The people of Birmingham Edgbaston voted for a Labour MP in 2015, and chances are they probably feel rather betrayed by that. Giesla Stuart should trigger a by-election and allow for her constituents to decide if they endorse her choice.
Julia Goldman
Shadow Secretary of State for Scoltand
Shadow Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Growth
Shadow Minister for Women and Equalities
Member of Parliament for Dumfries and Galloway (2019 - present)
Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Media Darling/Campaigning Guru/Socially Unaware
I am, of course, disappointed by Ms. Stuart's sudden decision to leave the Labour Party. She did so without any indication of dissatisfaction, and the reasons given in her public address were nonsensical. A number of Labour MPs, some very senior, voted against the People's Vote amendment and there has been no indication of reprisal or reprimand from Victoria Street at all. Ms. Stuart's decision is, in a word, mystifying.

That being said, she is gone and, with her, Birmingham Egbastion has lost not only Labour representation in the House of Commoms, but a seat at the table of the Opposition. We have seen the response from the locals there, some of it far off the mark of civilized politics, but all of it points to one thing: the people in that constituency are not happy to be represented by the Brexit Party. It is worth noting, of course, that the Brexit Party has, as a central plank in it's most recent manifesto, that the public ought to have the right to recall MPs who cross the floor. If Ms. Stuart, Mr. Mann, Ms. Allard, and the Brexit Party want to have a shred of credibility, they will trigger byelections in Birmingham Egbastion and Bassetlaw to see if those electorates really want to be represented by their party.
New Forest West
Shadow SoS for Justice
Spartan Conservative
Media Darling | Campaign Guru | Socially Unaware
While I am still convinced Thomas Mann and Gisella Stuart should face a by-election, and I still believe their defection was ultimately unnecessary, I will say this: I am absolutely appalled by the violence we saw at Gisella's constituency office today. You can disagree with eachother all you like, but it stops at violence. My thoughts are with Gisella and her staff after this incident, and I am glad the perpetrator has been apprehended.

But there's another side to this story. It shows how out of control all the recriminations and divisive rhetoric have brought our country and ramped up the tensions. We should take this incident as a wake-up call to us in Parliament to stop all this divisive rhetoric and show leadership through kinder, more constructive politics. Words like "surrender" and "betrayal", while making good headlines, make for a rather bad example to people across this country. We now must show leadership to let calmer heads in this country prevail. That means an end to the games and a start to a constructive, helpful discussion.
the Rt Hon. Emily Greenwood MP

Deputy Leader of the Labour Party (2019-)

MP for Barrow & Furness (2010-)
Secretary of State for Education (2019-)
Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal and Leader of the House of Commons (2019-)

Shadow SoS for Public Services (2019)

Traits: Media Darling, Campaigning Guru, Constituency Appeal, Finite Resources

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