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Prime Minister's Address from 10 Downing
[Image: CRVvOsx.jpg?1]

Good evening, 

Tonight I address you from 10 Downing, where we have been busy getting on with the job of doing the people's work. There is much to be done, and I can confirm that the whole of the Government is working at a rapid, frenetic, and urgent pace. We take the responsibility you all placed in us, to govern and to lead, very seriously. It is my intention to use every day to its fullest, every moment to its maximum potential, as there is no time to waste when it comes to giving the British people the Government they deserve. 

As Prime Minister, I made to you all a solemn commitment: to bring to an end the uncertainty and paralysis, to move our country forward to focus on the issues that matter to working Britons, and to ensure our country leaves the European Union on March 29. All of us, no matter how we voted in the 2016 referendum, are ready to move on and refocus our attention on healing the divides across our country, making our communities safer and our NHS stronger, and entering the next chapter of British life outside of the EU. We are ready to see democracy respected, the arguments of the past put to rest, and to move forward into what I am sure will be the dawning of a Golden Age for the whole of The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. 

Tonight I want to speak to you about what your Government has been doing to make that happen, and what I have been doing personally to make good on the promises I made to you, the British people. When I first became Prime Minister, I said it would be my intention to renegotiate the Withdrawal Agreement, so that we strike a better deal that truly reflects the will of the people. I am pleased to confirm to you tonight that the Government has taken the first crucial step to achieving that better deal. Tomorrow, I will fly to Norther Ireland, to the border town of Strabane, where I and the Irish Taoiseach will meet to formally begin discussions around finding an alternative to the unworkable, undemocratic Irish backstop. It is my belief that this is what a new agreement hinges upon, and that finding a workable solution to the existing backstop will be paramount in the crafting of a new Withdrawal Agreement that can be passed through Parliament and does right by the British people. 

It is this Government's express intent, and it is my absolute expectation, that we will leave the European Union with a deal. Critically, however, I reiterate the promise I made to you from the steps of Number 10 on my first day as Prime Minister: we will leave on March 29, whether or not a deal is reached. That is why the Government has gone into turbo drive in preparation for a no deal, with the Cabinet working together and firing on all cylinders to achieve this herculean effort. This morning I went to the House of Commons to announce some of the major decisions that the No Deal Cabinet Committee, our "war cabinet" one might call it, has already made. There I announced the creation of a £4 billion fund that will be used to support British business, agriculture, industry, and individual Britons in the immediate weeks after a no-deal withdrawal. I also announced our guarantee to protect the right to remain of all EU nationals currently living in the UK, and reaffirmed my personal commitment to ensure the millions of hardworking EU nationals living in Britain know that they're place here will be protected. And I announced the formation of the largest-ever peace time information campaign, designed to ensure every person has the information they need to prepare for life after leaving the European Union. 

Most importantly, we've gotten on with tackling the issues that matter most to you. I know that your everyday lives are so much more than Brexit, even if at times it seems like it's all you're hearing about on the news. Your families, much like mine, have priorities that relate to every day life. Making sure that your family lives in a safe town, that your children go to a good school, and that you bring home enough money in your pay packet to put food on the table and save up to own your own home. You deserve to have a Prime Minister committed to tackling the everyday issues you care about in addition to handling our departure from the EU. In the coming days and weeks, the Government will make significant progress on our domestic agenda of strengthening the NHS, making our communities safer, and closing the opportunity gap. We'll introduce a new Public Order to make it easier to combat knife crime, introduce legislation to the Commons ending early release for terrorists, and begin our push to hire 20,000 new police officers. We'll also begin making upgrades to hospitals around the country, and improving our nations roads and bridges. All of us have a million different things going on in our lives at any moment, and as your Prime Minister it is my duty to make each of your lives a little easier. Your agenda, the people's agenda, remains our priority.  

Of course, our work has not come without its challenges. While the Government is working around the clock to deliver on the promises we made to you, and to restore confidence in our democracy, there are others who seek to use this moment of great national importance to block Brexit and pursue their own political ambitions. We've seen Westminster become increasingly insular, with MPs focusing on parliamentary procedure and determining how best they can game the system. I have endless respect for Parliament, it is emblematic of Britain's place as the world's oldest democracy. But I will not allow Parliament to be misused by the gloomsters and doomsters who believe in nothing but their own personal desire to block Brexit, and to subvert the will of the British people. For far too long, millions of British people up and down our country have felt counted out by Westminster, ignored by the powers that be in Parliament. Those days are over. 

Because the fact of the matter is this: on top of the 17 million British voters who voted to leave the European Union in 2016, there are many millions more who voted to remain but who believe in democracy, respect the outcome of the referendum, and want this to be over with and for our country to move forward. These people, the vast majority of the British people, are being let down and left without representative by the MPs who as we speak fill the division lobby with the hopes of cancelling the referendum and forcing us to remain in the EU by the backdoor. For years no one has fought for them. As your Prime Minister, I assure you, I will. 

Tonight, I remain as optimistic about Britain's future as I have ever been. I enter these new negotiations with zeal and excitement, and with the British people's well-being at the heart of everything I do. It is with confidence in our purpose, in our mission to do right by the British people and ensure their will is done, that I embrace the challenges that lie ahead for our island nation. I will say to you tonight what I said when I first stepped into Number 10 Downing. All those who have doubted the pluck, strength, and nerve of The United Kingdom have been proven wrong. Those who bet against us have always regretted doing so. This time, this moment, will be no different. 

Thank you, goodnight to you and to your family, and God Save the Queen.
William Grey MP - Conservative Party 

MP for Romford (2015 - )

Backbench Favorite, Campaigning Guru, Socially Unaware 
The second speech in the Croft Trilogy announces the final steps in the Brexit Saga... or so we thought at the time (thank you Ireland). Mr Croft outlines his plan to ensure that the UK leaves the EU with a deal on March 29th announcing that he is to fly to Northern Ireland to meet with Varadkar and fix the backstop. You follow that up with an update on No Deal preparations just in case the EU do something stupid like negotiate a deal and then implode before it can be signed off. You outline £4bn in funding for No Deal prep to support Brits toiling in the day jobs and you announce a right to remain for all EU citizens currently in the UK. These are both received well and the people feel jolly happy to have a PM who is at least taking No Deal seriously, even if the vast majority hope to never have to rely on this setup. Then your speech kind of loses focus and you start talking about other things like knife crime and hiring an extraordinarily familiar number of police officers.

The problem with this speech, which makes it not as effective as the last one, is that this speech hasn't got a focus. For the Downing Street address where you set out your stall it's fine, encouragable even,  to cast a wide net. Right now what people want to hear about is the Government's Brexit plan, both deal and no deal. The deadline at this point was about 3-4wks away and people are starting to look at it in the manner one might look at oncoming traffic when standing in the middle of the M1 (at least a little nervously if not downright terrified). The laser focus at the beginning was good, the deviation to other matters drained this speech of its effectiveness. XP to Croft, but the speech's impact is narrower than it could have been.

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