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UK Government releases UK/US 'Ideal FTA'
Please note I have permission from the admins to use this draft from the Initiative for Free Trade and the Cato Institute, as nobody can realistically expect me to write a several-hundred page free trade agreement myself.

For IG purposes, this is a British Government report, but has been written with input from the named individuals and think tanks.

It is published to the public in the UK and the US to open conversations about the form of an FTA between the parties, notwithstanding the fact that negotiations cannot begin until the UK has left the EU.

Rt Hon. Henry Russell, Esq. MP
Member of Parliament for East Devon
Former First Secretary of State
(Please note you only need the executive summary, we're not expecting you to read all 4000 pages or whatever they are)
The document on its own is received well enough I guess, people don't really understand the intricacies of a full 200,000,000 page trade deal. It would have been nice to see some words go down with this so that I could award some XP and have this impact the national discussion in a positive way for the Tories.

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