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BXP Speech in Londonderry
Brigitte Allard is in Londonderry with TUV leader Jim Allister.

Jim Allister:

  • Thanks the Brexit Party for standing up for Brexit and opposing the deal. He says only real unionist party in the Rest of the United Kingdom. 
  • Rips DUP for appeasing the government and rips the government for appeasing the EU. Chamberlain’s appeasement did not work and neither will this. 
  • Calls this deal beginning of the end for the United Kingdom, a cynical and desperate attempt to get a deal so that the government can save their faces.
  • Calls the deal against the interest of Northern Ireland, Unionism and the United Kingdom.
  • Calls on to DUP to get on with the unionism agenda or step aside, says he is willing to claim the mantle of unionism in Northern Ireland. 

Brigitte Allard:

As I was on my way to Londonderry from Belfast, I heard the news of Ruth Davidson’s warning against the Prime Minister. Ruth Davidson, the Scottish Tory leader, the shining light of the Tory Party *laughs* called out Mr.Croft on his deal. I am quoting her word “I am extremely concerned by the implications of this deal on the union & that this will fuel the fire of nationalism in Scotland and see a divided Kingdom.” I do not agree with Ruth Davidson on Brexit, she is a leading remainer but her concern here is correct, this deal is bad for our country and this deal is going to damage our union. Sinn Fein and SNP are already banging drums to divide this union and conduct their own individual agendas which is Irish unification and Scottish independence respectively. Conservative and Unionist Party Government seems to be fine with it. Let me make it clear, this deal is dividing our union, lumping Northern Ireland together with the Republic and placing a border between the rest of the United Kingdom. This deal is ending our union as we know it, flaming the flames of Irish and Scottish nationalism. The Unionists across this country are concerned, Ruth Davidson is, DUP is still voting against it but won’t be challenging the government to change the terms of deal, I am concerned, I know many Tory MPs are also concerned in private, even Labour is concerned about terms of this deal and implications on it on our union. When the Labour Party is more unionist than you are, Mr.Croft something is going wrong here. 

Our union is our first and most important priority, it always was and it always will be. While we support the Prime Minister’s endeavours to get us out on March 29th, this deal can not be it. This deal Prime Minister is proposing not only will fail, it will also ensure that remainers can pass a bill to block no deal and delay Brexit. Right now all the Prime Minister needs to do is either call and election or prorogue the Parliament to get Brexit done, no bills, no deals, nothing. Our party delivered the Prime Minister a chance to call an election, and our party has legal advice that a short term prorogation would be legal and acceptable. The choice to deliver the Brexit we were promised and protect our union is at the Prime Minister’s hands, he has the power to get it done, without the Parliament interfering. Now Mr. Croft what will it be, is it going to be dither, delay and divide or is it going to be deliver?
Brigitte Allard MP
Member for Stoke on Trent North
Leader of the Brexit Party

Media Darling/Fundraising Extraordinaire/Maverick/Constituency Darling(awarded by admins)
This is a weird foray into Northern Irish politics for the Brexit Party. I get why you want to make these points but platforming with the TUV (at best the sixth party in Ulster if not worse) just seems a bit bonkers really. Your battle-cry rallies hard Brexiteers pretty much as you'd expect and your calls for the PM to give Parliament the two-fingered salute are welcomed by a not-insignificant amount of the country who are fed up of the Grieves and Lascelles of the World and would really like it if Parliament got on with rubber stamping their vision of a true Brexit. If I could give you XP points I would give you one, but since you're the BXP it's a bit pointless. The speech could be longer if I'm honest but that's a niggling concern for a party with single digit polling and only a handful of target seats.

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