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PM Speech at Ferguson Transport
The Prime Minister arrives in Cramlington, in the North East of England, where he meets with workers and local supporters at the Ferguson Transport manufacturing plant. After making the rounds of the factory, touring the plant and talking with employees, he gets up on a makeshift stage. Introduced by William Anderson, the chief whip and a Northeast England MP, Croft begins his speech.

Good afternoon, everyone! What a phenomenal day it has been here at Fergusons, a stellar example of British ingenuity and entrepreneurism! 

Being here today, meeting with all of you, makes me all the more optimistic about the success that awaits us once the UK leaves the European Union. And when is that going to happen!? I think at this point you know the answers... (William pauses, grinning, as he and the crowd say "March 29th" in unison.) 

There we have it! Yes, despite the best efforts of the Labour Party and their Surrender Bill, the physical embodiment of the defeatist outlook they hold for Britain, we are going to leave the European Union on March 29, deal or no deal. Fortunately, however, it looks like we are going to leave with a deal, and that is why I am here to talk with all of you today. Because we're on the verge of reaching a deal, a deal that does right by the British people, honors your vote in the 2016 referendum, and allows our country to get on with it and focus on the issues that matter to you. 

As I told Parliament earlier this week, from the moment I became Prime Minister, the Government hit the ground running on renegotiating the Withdrawal Agreement. We were told by the Westminster elite that the Europeans would never renegotiate the agreement. Well, they have. We were laughed at when we said we would find an alternative to the backstop. Well, we did. And we were told that, even if all this could happen, it would get gone by March 29. Well, my friends, it has.  

The new deal we have reached with the EU will ensure that the whole of the United Kingdom leaves the European Union and the customs union on March 29, it eliminates the undemocratic backstop and puts the people of Northern Ireland in control of their own destiny, and it ensures we are free to begin making trade deals with our allies around the globe from day one. It is a deal that delivers a true and proper Brexit, the Brexit the British people voted for. It's a deal that ensures Government is keeping its promise to the people, something we've seen less and less of in recent years. It's a deal that will allow us to take back control of our borders, to take full advantage of trading opportunities around the world, and to unleash the full potential of Great Britain and its great people. 

And most importantly, it is a deal that allows our country to move forward and start focusing on the issues that matter to working people here in Britain. For three years, and after one failed deal, we as a nation have been in a state of paralysis. We've been stuck, mired in debate and division, unable to see the light at the tunnel. Now, that is finally set to change. With this deal, Britain will depart from the European Union on March 29, and we as a country will move forward. Together, we will be able to tackle the priorities that matter to you. Protecting the NHS, hiring more police officers to keep our communities safe, and cutting taxes and investing in the British people so that every person enjoys an equal share in the success of our country. The Government I lead is committed to delivering on the people's priorities, your priorities. With Brexit done, we will do just that. 

Now the naysayers, Labour and their friends on the Opposition benches, have launched head first into attacking this deal. It's interesting, suddenly the same people who never wanted Brexit to happen, seemingly care so much about getting what they believe is a good deal for Britain. They claim this isn't a good deal, but let's remember who exactly these critics are. Caroline Blakesley, the new Labour Leader, who if she had her way would have forced through a second referendum, cancelling the will of the people and stopping Brexit altogether. The leader of the Scottish Nationalist Party, who in one breath claims this deal will be the end of the Union, and in another actively calls for the dissolution of our Union by dragging Scotland unwillingly out of our United Kingdom. So of course they don't want to see this deal passed, not because they truly believe it to be a bad deal, but because they don't want to see Brexit get done. The British people won't be fooled. 

In just a few days, if Parliament is willing to get on board and do its job, the endless uncertainty will come to an end. And it's in place, will be the certainty that Britain's best days are ahead of us. The Government will present it's deal to Parliament, and to the British people, and with its passage we will enter the next chapter of our country's great history. Free to chart our own destiny, to embrace our own future, and to fully unleash the true potential of the British people. From day one of my time as your Prime Minister, my promise to you has been simple: to ensure the UK leaves the European Union on March 20, with a deal, and in a manner that respects the 2016 referendum. I am proud to say we have done just that, delivered upon that promise, and done the people's work. Tonight I leave to Brussels to cement that deal, and I will carry the expectations, hopes and dreams of all of you with me. Because it is for you, the British people, that I work. And that, my duty to you, is what carries me forward. 

Thank you all, it is has been a pleasure to speak to you. God bless you, and God Save the Queen. 
William Grey MP - Conservative Party 

MP for Romford (2015 - )

Backbench Favorite, Campaigning Guru, Socially Unaware 
Croft's fourth, YES FOURTH, speech of the round proves that the PM is not in the least bit camera shy if nothing else. It feels almost unfair to mark this speech since we've basically had to scrub the deal out of history so I'll just give you an XP point and move on.

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