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TIG: Statement on defections by Edith Granger MP
Edith Granger, MP for South Cambridgeshire and Leader of The Independent Group spoke to the press outside the Palace of Westminster.

“Following the decision by the Prime Minister to expel members of the Conservative Party for standing up for the constituents and the country’s best interests I am pleased to announce that the following Members of Parliament have joined the recent defections of Sam Gyimah and Dominic Grieve to the Independent Group.

“The MPs that have joined us are:
Robert Lascelles
David Gauke
Oliver Letwin
Antoinette Sandbach
Anne Milton
Ed Vaizey

“They join our movement at a point of great change and upheaval in our country. We have a Prime Minister that is dead set on crashing the United Kingdom out of the European Union, no matter the cost. His purported new deal will do nothing to solve the issues we face as a nation and will lead to the splitting up of our great union leaving Northern Ireland in the EU while Scotland, Wales and England will be dragged out.

“William Croft has made it clear to the British people that his only concern is the Conservative party rather than the future prosperity and stability of our country. While he continues his damaging rampage The Independent Group will put forward a bold vision for the future of this country which begins with preventing a damaging No Deal Brexit and maintaining the closest ties possible to the European Union, and submitting any deal to a People’s Vote for the approval of the British people.
Elizabeth Tanner MP
Bristol East
Labour Party

Traits: Backbench Favourite, Campaigning Guru, Socially Unaware

Formerly Martin Pelham MP (Con, Bracknell); Edith Granger MP (ONP, South Cambridgeshire)
A nice feel good story for supporters of Change UK, there are now more ex-Tories in the party than ex-Labourites. This statement sets out a good remainer message that is really starting to see you pull ahead of the Lib Dems in the polls.

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