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BXP Speech about Disability Services
Good afternoon everyone, today is a bit of a somber day for all of us. If you read the papers, you probably have seen the Great Brexit Sell Out and the awful news regarding Mr. Graham. I am bit down and a bit emotional today, I have people close to me and dear to my heart that does deal with disabilities and over the years I have talked to so many people who had disabilities, close relatives who had disabilities and those who have lost their close ones due to extenuating circumstances related to disabilities. I know Mr.Graham is not the only one in this country who has lost their lives due to the government's failure to take care of our own. I would like to read their names that have been identified in the media and have a moment of silence honouring their lives and that they are not forgotten. Stephen Carré, Jodey Whiting, Mark Wood, Paul Donnachie, Michael O’Sullivan, David Barr and a woman known only as Ms DE.

a moment of silence

*Brigitte is seen with some tearing in her eyes*

I won’t be making this about daily grinds of politics, we can do that another day. Today, I want to talk about solutions. Our country is a truly great one, we are blessed with great riches in this country but we are also facing abject poverty in this country as well, no citizen of this country deserves to die, die of starvation, point blank. No citizen of this country deserves to die because they are disabled and can’t work. No citizen of this country deserves to die because of a rough patch, or simply working in a dead end job with no prospects. For far too many people, unfortunately, this is the case. According to the government, we have enough money to pay the EU 39 billion pounds cash upfront for nothing but we do not have enough money to take care of our own citizens. That is a disgrace. This government had money to hire one of the best and most expensive barrister in the country to defend their indefensible actions but not enough money to give Mr.Graham so that he can survive. Mr.Graham was four-and-a-half stone *teared up Brigitte cuts off* I am sorry everyone, this is hitting me up a lot. Mr.Graham was four and a half stone when he was found by the local council who arrived, not to check his safety but to evict him. 

This is a grave injustice and let me make it clear, this is not a mistake, this was a consequence of a cruel policy. PIP, Personal Independence Payments was brought in to save money from disability living allowance with a promised savings of 2 billion pounds, they have placed these assessments to “ensure safety of the system” but instead due to mistakes, tribunals, errors and everything else this policy is costing the government 2 billion more than the disability living allowance would have. Yes, the government is spending money to be cruel and make the lives of disabled people even harder. As the Brexit Party we believe in common sense, strong public services and strong fiscal discipline and we are not afraid to call out awful and costly policies when we see it, we will end this cruel assessments policy of Personal Allowance Payments at all. When 70 percent of all assessment appeals are found for the appealers, when it costs 2 billion more, not 2 billion less than it should, when it leads to cases like Mr.Graham and many more like it. It is time to show leadership and end this policy that has cost lives and cost the British public more than it should.

Finally we will be also making things related to Universal Credit much easier to both disabled people and for the general public, right now the digital only Universal Credit is harming a lot of people as they do not have access or ability to file these forms online, this is causing a lot of undue stress to people and prevent access to a lot of people. When we have people who have literally no access to internet, computer or smart phones, I do not see the point of making these applications digital only. This seems to be the only fair and smart way to deal with this issues.  
Brigitte Allard MP
Member for Stoke on Trent North
Leader of the Brexit Party

Media Darling/Fundraising Extraordinaire/Maverick/Constituency Darling(awarded by admins)
This speech was very clever tying together Welfare reform and a certain £39bn price tag. You expand the Brexit Party's repertoire of policies and show that yes, every once in a while, Brexiteers have hearts (shocking I know). It also bruises the Government somewhat, causing uncomfortable discussions around the dinner table (if people still use them). A good showing from the turquoise titans.

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