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Launch of One Nation Party
Edith Granger MP is joined on stage by Robert Lascelles MP and Luciana Berger MP, behind them are banners and party logos of “One Nation Party”

Edith Granger steps forward to the podium.

[Image: DAGkpvL-rbyHJvxrBX_lOFFxtVBjq0x1UCM_ZhmD...2Rqd1aph3L]

Good morning, thank you for joining us here today.

In February this year 8 members of Parliament took the brave decision to leave the security of their former parties to take a stand against a leader that was damaging not only to the Labour party but potentially to the entire country. Soon after, myself and two other MPs left the Conservatives challenging the lack of leadership from Theresa May and her hurtling desire to leave the EU without any plan in place. 

Unfortunately, despite those leaders changing nothing has really changed in our political leaders. On one side, we have the Prime Minister desperate to crash out of the European Union without a deal and a Labour leader unable to unite her party on the biggest issue facing our country in a generation with over a third of her MPs voting against a People’s Vote. 

What is evident is that a new political force is needed, now more than ever, one that is a coming together of politicians and people from different political backgrounds that see the need for a common-sense, moderate politics. The nineteen Members of Parliament that make up our group are all driven by a desire to deliver a politics that works for the entire country, not the vested interests of political parties driven by a nostalgia for a politics of the past. We are driven to deliver politics for our country as a whole.

That is why I am pleased to announce our new party; the One Nation Party.

The One Nation tradition is a long-held tradition of British politics, a tradition of consensus and collaboration. It guided the politics of the 20th Century that saw the greatest expansion of British society, the creation of the NHS, establishment and protection of workers’ rights, a strong and prosperous economy that transformed our country’s economy to see the greatest period of economic stability and prosperity in our nation’s history. It was the politics that led our country after the second world war and led to the creation of the European Community that the Conservatives are now desperate to abandon. 
The One Nation Party looks to our country’s future and seeks to provide the leadership that has been lacking, we seek to give a voice to the silent majority that sit in the centre ground of British politics who want sensible government, a strong economy and strong public services. We stand ready to provide that leadership.

I want to hand over to my friend of many years, Robert Lascelles, a relative newbie to our party but has the experience and expertise that is essential for our country’s future.

Robert Lascelles steps up to the podium

[Image: PTTJj_A2wv2bQvANoKs4cP-JPPAddMZxDUCTL1oJ...N8Vz5hF3cg]

Robert Lascelles:

This month, I was evicted from my political home. The party I had been associated with for over 40 years. The party under whose banner I had been elected to Parliament five times. The party I had served in Government for.

But the Conservative Party is clearly no longer the party I joined. It no longer cares about working practically, but instead pandering to the noisiest few. No longer cares about prudence, instead willing to crash the economy for their policy goals. No longer cares about the institutions of Parliament, the judiciary or the press, instead threatening them for the crime of telling unpalatable truths.

One Nation Tories like me are no longer welcome in the Conservative Party. We must find a new home. This is our new home. The One Nation Party.

Luciana Berger steps up to the podium

[Image: IIQtPASZ3psXILxTIeniL-y9yrNW2gjM6Mj3nodT...PdL4j3omqm]

Luciana Berger:

Thank you, Robert. Today is an important day, for today we stand at the point of change for our country and the One Nation Party stands ready to step into the breach to provide the leadership that the Conservatives and Labour have failed to provide. For years, I suffered abuse from the party I had served for years for simply being Jewish. My decision to leave Labour was not solely down to the deep-seeded, institutionalised anti-semitism running rampant through the party but the inability to listen to the diverse range of opinions that make up our country.

Our new party is co-operative, consensus driven, ready to deliver for Britain a future we all want, where we have a fair and tolerant society where disagreements are civil not antagonistic, where we have strong public services, where we take care of those around us. 

It is also important that we are upfront with the country as we launch our new party, this election will be touted as the answer to Brexit. The Prime Minister will use this election to attempt to gain approval for his deal, but we are very clear that a General Election is not an effective way to solve this one issue. An election is a campaign of ideas, and like all parties we will be publishing a manifesto of what we wish to achieve in office - Brexit cannot be solved in an election where it may be drowned out by other concerns. Therefore, we remain to our position of demanding a People’s Vote on the deal or any deal negotiated for our exit from the European Union.

A clear, well run referendum that is based on fact and truth is the only for the British people to have the final say on how we leave the EU.

Edith Granger returns to the podium

We’re happy to take any questions.
Elizabeth Tanner MP
Bristol East
Labour Party

Traits: Backbench Favourite, Campaigning Guru, Socially Unaware

Formerly Martin Pelham MP (Con, Bracknell); Edith Granger MP (ONP, South Cambridgeshire)
This was a good campaign launch for the One Nation Party. I liked the aesthetic of a Tory and Labour MP flanking you but I do have to query some of the messaging when Robert Lascelles was the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions and oversaw the continuation of a number of the less popular policies you kind of rail against when arguing for an evidence based centrist approach. Lascelles, and especially Berger, were good choices because they are sympathy characters. Berger was driven from her party by antisemitic hate crime enthusiasts while Robert was driven out for taking a stand. Both of these people exert a good tug on the heartstrings of those from a certain disposition in British politics and give you some good cross-spectral appeal.. This launch went about as well as it possibly could have for you.

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