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Address From 10 Downing
William Croft strides out of 10 Downing, walking towards the podium placed just in front of the steps of the building. As the crowds quiet and the press pause in shouting their questions, he begins his remarks. 

Good evening. 

When I first became your Prime Minister, I promised to get Brexit done on March 29. Ever since, that has been my goal. In the few weeks since I have had the honor of being the leader of your Government, the people's Government, I've set out on a mission to deliver on the promises I've made to you. I convince our European friends to reopen the withdrawal agreement. I threw out the undemocratic backstop, and replaced it with an alternative solution that would have allowed the whole of the United Kingdom to leave the EU and its customs union. And we, your Government, negotiated a new deal that honored the 2016 referendum and respected the will of the British people. 

The Government I lead has done everything possible to achieve a deal, and when the deal we reached failed to be ratified by the EU, we did everything possible to ensure Britain was ready to leave without a deal on March 29th. Unfortunately, that has become impossible because of Parliament's decision to place the priorities of a few politicians over the democratic will of the British people. By passing the Surrender Bill, Parliament has made it impossible for this or any Government to do the people's work and get Brexit done. The legislation's legal mandate to take no-deal off the table binds the country's hands at the negotiating table, and locks us into a future of endless delay and compromise where the eventual result will be anything but what the people voted for in 2016. 

It is because of Parliament's decision to delay and effectively block Brexit that I have come to the conclusion that calling a general election is the only way forward, and accordingly I have had an audience with Her Majesty the Queen to request that she dissolve Parliament in order for an election to be held. It is with Her Majesty's consent that I announce the dissolution of Parliament, with an election to be held on May 23rd, 2019. 

The future of our United Kingdom is at stake, and it is my genuine belief that this will be the most important British election in a generation. While it was not my desire to call an election, I have done so because it is overwhelmingly clear that one is needed in order to unlock Parliament, get Westminster working again, and to deliver a pro-Brexit Conservative majority that will have the authority necessary to see through the people's priorities. I have called this election to ensure that the United Kingdom leaves the EU on August 31st, with or without a deal. And, most importantly, I have called this election to restore faith in the democratic process here in Britain. 

Because just as it is imperative that an election be held to break through the logjam in Parliament, it is imperative that the British people can regain their trust and their confidence in Parliament. For three years, the British people have watched endless fighting and politicking consume Parliament, and drown out their voice. They have watched how we have allowed the issue of Brexit to divide us, and how we have remain trapped in 2016, endlessly repeating the old arguments of three years ago. We have failed to follow through on our responsibility to them, to see to it that we honor the democratic will of the people and do the job we were all elected to do. 

Over the course of this campaign, it will be my goal to prove to you that the Conservative Party is worthy of that responsibility. We will put to you our Plan for the People; our agenda to get Brexit sorted, to get Parliament working again, and to get on with the issues that matter to working people.  We will make the case that we are the only party with the conviction, fight, and ability to ensure we leave the European Union on August 31, no ifs, ands or buts. We will use the mandate you give us to repeal the Surrender Bill, negotiate a new deal with the European Union, but commit resolutely to leaving the EU without delay whether or not a deal has been secured. And we will use the trust you have placed in us to implement a bold new domestic agenda, rooted in support for the hardworking people of this country, and built around our commitment to protect our NHS, support our police, and lower your taxes. I look forward to traveling to all four corners of our United Kingdom making the case for that agenda.

I relish the chance to prove to you that my party deserves that responsibility, that we deserve the honor of governing on your behalf. Most importantly, I am eager to prove that our vision is one for every British person, regardless of how you voted in 2016. Because while I imagine this will be an election dominated by Brexit, I seek to lead a Government that fights for you whether or not you voted for it. I believe getting Brexit done is so important not simply to honor the will of the 17.4 million people who voted for it, but to ensure our democracy functions as it should for all 67 million British people who rely upon it. I want to end this chapter of our country's story, because the sooner we do the faster our next chapter can begin. I want to earn your vote so that together, we can move this country forward, and to make progress on the priorities that matter to all of us rather than continuing to fight over what divides us. 

Being your Prime Minister has been the honor of my life. There is no higher hope for someone who seeks to serve their people than to represent them in government, and to be the leader of yours over the past month has been an absolute privilege. I stand before you today, asking you to place your trust in me to continue leading your Government, because I want to fight for you. I want to fight for the issues that matter to you in Parliament, and I want to fight for our country's freedom in Brussels. I'm ready to fight for a stronger NHS, safer communities, and better schools. I'm ready to fight to guarantee that on August 31st, we end our country's national nightmare of endless delay and indecision, and unleash the full potential of the British people. And I'm ready to fight for our democracy, and to ensure the British people remain at the heart of everything we do in Westminster. 

This will be the most important election in a generation, because it will define our country's future for generations to come. It is an election that calls on you, the British people, to embrace this moment and chart a new course forward. On May 23rd, you will be asked to answer a critical question: is Britain to move forward and embrace our destiny as a free spirited, free enterprising, freedom loving nation, or are we to be forever stuck in the past, helplessly trapped in an unending cycle of debate and delay? I believe without hesitation that the only proper answer to this question is that we are to move forward, as one United Kingdom, ready and eager to embrace the future that awaits us head on. I know I'm ready to move forward, and with your vote and your support, we will move Britain forward together. 

Thank you, god bless you, and God Save the Queen.
William Grey MP - Conservative Party 

MP for Romford (2015 - )

Backbench Favorite, Campaigning Guru, Socially Unaware 
Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Croft comes out and announces the election, to nobody's surprise it's a Brexit themed election. You never stop talking about it and you lay your reasoning out for all to see. A perfectly serviceable job that gives you a nice jumpstart across North Wales, the North, and the Midlands.


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