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Together for a People's Vote Press Conference
Grant Smith
Leader of the Liberal Democrats
Hello everyone, and thank you all for being here. We’re here today to announce the formation of Together for a People’s Vote. Our parties - the Liberal Democrats, Plaid Cymru, the Green Party, the One Nation Party - have agreed to, in dozens of seats, rally behind a single candidate. We’ve been working on this for some time - originally planned for by-elections such as Brecon and Radnorshire - and have been going over the data, consulting with candidates and activists all throughout this as they’ll be the ones making the sacrifices, working tirelessly to make this the fairest and most effective agreement possible. This is a one-time arrangement - the most ambitious act of cross-party cooperation in modern British history, where we have all put the national interest over party interest - and I sincerely believe it can make a massive difference. 

We all know - all too well - that under the broken First Past the Post system that millions of people find their votes wasted, their views ignored, left with MPs and representation and a government that a majority rejected. It favours Labour and the Conservatives - far more than a truly democratically accountable system would, and it is those two parties who have so consistently failed the British public on Brexit. 

While we all believe that it is important that people can have the choice to vote for the candidate that best represents their views, right now we must work together to ensure that the next Parliament has a progressive majority, that will deliver a People’s Vote to give the British people the final say on Brexit, that will take bold and decisive action on climate change, that will deliver on important progressive priorities such as social care, diversity and equality, and producing a fair political system.

Now I’ll hand it over to Owain Pugh, Parliamentary Leader of Plaid Cymru. 

Owain Pugh
Parliamentary Leader of Plaid Cymru
Thank you, Grant, for that introduction to Together for a People’s Vote. I’d like to speak a bit today about how our agreement to mutually stand down in a number of key constituencies will not only be good for our place in Europe, but especially how it will contribute to a stronger Wales. All of us up here today know that Britain is stuck between the hard Brexit promoted by the Conservative and Brexit Parties and the soft Brexit that Labour is pushing for. That is why we have agreed to cooperate in many places where we stand candidates - to provide a voice for a common-sense final say, a people’s vote.

In terms of Wales, Plaid is proud that we will be the representative in 18 of the 40 Welsh constituencies. We also welcome the Liberal Democrats as in seven and ONP in two constituencies in Wales as representatives of the Together for a People’s Vote agreement. Plaid will be standing independently in the remaining 13 constituencies of Wales. This agreement will ensure that a powerful delegation of pro-Wales MPs are sent to Westminster to stand up for a final say on Brexit.

And with that, I’ll turn it over to Ms. Harriet Laski of the Greens.

Harriet Laski
Co-Leader of the Green Party of England and Wales
Thank you for joining us here today. I would like to thank Edith, Owain and Grant and their teams for all the hard work they have put into getting this alliance off the ground.

Brexit will be a disaster for Britain, there is no good Brexit whether that be the crash out Brexit offered by the Tories or muddled Brexit offered by Labour. All four of us stand here today united by our goal to stop the damage that Brexit would do to our people and our environment and by ensuring as much representation of remain parties in the next parliament as possible.

Our country is at a crossroads and this election is the chance for us to put the brakes on Brexit and put our country back onto a better path.

The Green Party and Green movement has always had cooperation at its heart. We have and always will be willing to work with others to put people and planet first. Yes we have differences but what all four of us here agree on is that Brexit must be stopped, that the damage to our country must be stopped, the damage to our jobs, economy and public must be stopped and the damage to our environment must be stopped.

Grant had touched on how we have a broken political system, at its core is the first past the post system, a system left over when local grandees would bribe a handful of voters to get into parliament, it is not fit for purpose, it is not fit for the modern plural 21st century Britain but by working together our four parties are giving people their votes matter when it is needed more than ever.

Thank you I will now hand you over to Edith Granger.

Edith Granger
Leader of the One Nation Party
Thank you, Harriet and thank you to Grant and Owain as well - the process of our coming together in this alliance has not been easy but it is an example of the type of politics that our country is sorely lacking. Politics driven by co-operation and working together is what we need at this time instead of the constant divisiveness and bickering we have seen for the past three years.

Grant, Harriet, Owain and I don’t always agree, even in this election when we find ourselves united in opposition to No Deal and wanting to deliver a People’s Vote. Not always agreeing is perfectly fine, and quite frankly it should be encouraged in a modern democracy. However, what we will not do is use our divisions to attack each other, but recognise in differences there is diversity, in disagreement there is opportunity. Our four parties are leading the way for politics, and that is something I am immensely proud of.

When it comes to Brexit we do find ourselves united, which is good considering we’re forming an alliance, and we are united in our commitment to preventing a damaging no deal Brexit and delivering a People’s Vote so the people of this country can have the final say as to how this issue is resolved.

What I hope for this alliance is that it paves the way for a new kind of British politics, where parties work together instead of attacking each other, where politicians accept that the majority of us got into politics to make the country better not worse. They say changes can be hard to come by, but I believe all changes happens because of brave people willing to make that first step. That is what the Liberal Democrats, Plaid Cymru, the Green Party and the One Nation Party have done. Together we can deliver better politics for our country.

Thank you.

((Press Conference to follow on Discord.))
Owain Pugh MP
Plaid Cymru for Dwyfor Meirionnydd
Campaigning Guru/Fundraising Extraordinaire/Media Darling/Maverick
Marked by Nathan on Discord. General thoughts from me on this bit basically echo what he said which is that it was structurally sound but realistically you guys were a little late to the party.

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