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Press Cycle 6 - Queens Speech
Let us dispense with this notion that somehow the previous general election provided the People's Vote with a popular mandate. it takes a massive leap of logical and several presumptive inferences to conclude that simply because parties supporting a second vote won 55% of the vote in the last general election, that 55% of the country in fact support a People's Vote. What we know with absolute certainty, what we know without having to make any guesses, assumptions, or inferences, is that the British people voted decisively to leave the EU in 2016 and that the Government is obligated to do their will. The Prime Minister must, without question, publicly commit to taking Remain off the table. What her Government is currently offering is not a "people's vote," it is a secondary referendum between her eventual deal and a future where we remain trapped in the EU forever. Labour isn't truly interested in offering the British people a choice about their future, they're interested in allowing them to choose from two predetermined options that suits their party's political interests. In their "people's vote" Labour wins no matter the result, and the British people lose no matter the result. 

To keep Remain on the table is a dereliction of the Government's duty, pure and simple.
William West MP - Conservative Party

Shadow Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union
MP for Ribble Valley (2015 - )
The Opposition's amendment on safeguarding Trident provides Labour MPs with the opportunity to prove to the British people that they still value our country's national security. Considering the Labour Party failed to mention Trident even once in their election manifesto, omitted it from the Queen's Speech, and are propped up in Government by the SNP who are committed to scrapping it, the British people have reason to believe Labour is abandoning our nuclear deterrent. With the record number of U-turns and broken promises committed by this Government just a few days into its existence, they have proven that talk is cheap and that their word can't be trusted. Trident is a critical aspect of the United Kingdom's national security apparatus, and it has become increasingly clear that this Coalition of Chaos is prepared to surrender it. If there are any Government MPs that still value our commitment to protecting this nation, they will join the Opposition in supporting our amendment.
William West MP - Conservative Party

Shadow Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union
MP for Ribble Valley (2015 - )
This Queen's speech, which I thank Her Majesty for delivering to us, is regrettably disappointing to listen to. It is not only the content of the speech which gives great cause for concern but rather what has been omitted from it. Whilst things like granting further devolution to Scotland, which is clearly an attempt to pander to their SNP bedfellows, and scrapping tuition fees, another ineffectual strategy which does not help the worst off in society gain access to further education, but as demonstrated by the SNP's abject failure to improve the Scottish education system has resulted in the worst off in society taking the hit again, are worrying to hear this Labour government intends to implement I fear that these are not nearly as bad as Labour's frankly desperate attempt to secure their hold on power through confidence agreements.

But as Shadow Secretary of State for Defence I was immediately concerned by several things regarding Labour's commitment, or indeed lack thereof, when it comes to the safeguarding of our National Security. Labour's greatest mistake was that they did not state anywhere in their speech, or in fact their manifesto, that they were committed to either maintaining or replacing Britain's continuous at-sea Nuclear Deterrent, but they have said that they will take steps towards diminish the proliferation of nuclear weapons and that they stand against their use, so one has to wonder if they plan to unilaterally do this by starting with our own deterrent. After all the SNP and the Greens who Labour are being forced to cosy up to in order to stay seated on the Government benches are resolutely against maintaining trident, so it would sadly not come as a surprise to find out that Labour is prioritising their relationship with their confidence and supply partners over the safety of our nation. One even is forced to question whether the current Prime Minister would be willing to use Nuclear weapons if push comes to shove, a problem she shares with her predecessor, and I'm sure that if I am wondering this, our enemies will also be wondering. 

However Labour MPs on social media have pointed out the Conservative Party's previous Queen's speeches have not included such a commitment. But that is simply explained by the fact, we committed to it in our manifestos and we have demonstrated through our policies that we are committed to maintaining and improving our nuclear deterrent. Our commitment to the maintenance of the Trident system has never been called into question, but a Labour Party in partnership with multiple anti-Trident parties is obligated to demonstrate that commitment. It would after all be rather odd of the SNP and Greens to support a Queens Speech knowing fine well that the government they support will maintain the trident system.

Unless the Conservative Party's amendment to the Queen's Speech is accepted then the fate of our Nuclear deterrent remains ambiguous as well as the fate of our National Security and if indeed when the House has voted on this amendment it emerges that the amendment has failed we will be left with a Government we cannot trust to keep us safe and secure.
Calum Wilson MP
Conservative Party
Chief of Staff to the Leader of the Conservative Party
Shadow Secretary of State for Defence (2019) 
Shadow Justice Secretary (2019-2020)
MP for Perth and North Perthshire

Media Darling, Constituency Appeal, Maverick
Since the Conservatives only seem to understand repetition these days - let's make two things clear: firstly, that their amendment would do nothing but end the current government and return us to chaos, and secondly, that Trident will not be scrapped under this government. It will be funded in full under this government. The Conservatives will, if they keep to this line, swiftly be proven very foolish.
Grant Smith
Liberal Democrat MP for Leeds North West (2005-present)

Media Unknown, Constituency Appeal, Campaign Organiser, Fundraiser Extraordinaire 
Previously: Sir Lachlan Domnhall Coinneach Duncan MacMahon; Graham Adiputera; I think I played some dull Labour bloke at one point
It is abdunantly clear that the Tories have once again put all of their eggs in one basket. They went to the polls with nothing but a Brexit Policy, and the British public rewarded them with what they deserved: opposition. Now they are looking at our package of reforms, initiatives and measures, which we designed to take this nation forward, and are simply spending all of their time this week talking about Tridents and Tridents alone.

I'd have liked to have been a fly on the wall at Matthew Parker Street this morning when the yolk was splattered as news broke that the PM visited Barrow-in-Furness and put paid to these pitiful Tory claims. I look forward to watching them try to tidy that up.

As Minister of State for Defence and Security, I can wholeheartedly join the PM in affirming this Government's commitment to the Navy and our nuclear deterrent.
Joseph "Joe" Quinn MP (LAB) 
Member for Birmingham Ladywood (2010-)
Secretary of State for Defence
I will not vote to scrap Trident or to defund it. I, like the Prime Minister and many other Labour members of the Cabinet, voted in favour of a successor to Trident. Our national security is too important to trade for short-term political gain, or to be used as a political football by the Leader of the Opposition. I am prepared to commit to supporting Trident as often as the Conservative Party wants me to say it. But I think it would be better for my constituents, theirs, and our country if I got on with the job of helping businesses grow, encouraging innovation across our economy, and working with local areas to get the powers they need. It’s time to focus on what the Government will do, rather than the things the Government won’t.
Amelia Lockhart
MP for Hull North (2001 - )
Secretary of State for Economic Security and Local Growth (2020 - )

Traits: media darling, backbench favourite, finite resources 
The Prime Minister and Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs visited BAE Systems Submarine in Barrow-in-Furness, meeting with executives and engineers working on the Astute-class submarine and Dreadnaught-class submarine projects. Afterwards, the Prime Minister spoke to the press.

I greatly enjoyed meeting the brilliant men and women working every day to ensure that our brave sailors in the Submarine Service have top of the line vessels as they work day and night to keep our nation safe. In particular, I was inspired by the work being done on the Dreadnaught-class submarine: the future of Britain’s nuclear deterrent. It is a programme that I proudly backed, along with the majority of Labour Party MPs in 2016 when it was put to a vote before the House of Commons. As I stressed repeatedly in recent days, this Government is fully committed to seeing the nuclear deterrent protected and moving forward with the Trident replacement with all due haste. There are no compromises, no equivocating: Britain is safest with an independent nuclear deterrent. The Government will absolutely, in spite of Conservative fearmongering, see the deterrent maintained. That is the commitment that I made in Parliament, that is the vote that I cast in Parliament, and that is the pledge that I make, once again, today.
Caroline Blakesley MP DCB
Prime Minister (June 2019-)
MP for Manchester Central (2015-) | Labour
Traits: Fundraising Extraordionare, Campaign Guru, Media Darling, Constituency Pariah
I was sent to the Commons by the people of Birmingham Ladywood, the constituency with the highest unemployment rate in the country. The people I represent are not lazy, and they are not afraid of a day's work. They are people who have long proud histories living and working in the economic powerhouse of Birmingham. They are people who fought and worked to come to  Britain to seek a better life. The people of Birmingham Ladywood - and the people of Britain - were let down by the Conservatives with over nearly a decade of failed economic plans.

No more. Our manifesto is replete with strategies for kickstarting the economy, creating jobs, and growing industry. We will support small businesses, the true workhorses of our economy, to employ more people and keep them employed in good times and in bad. We will support highly advanced economies and the needed research and development to ensure that British companies can maintain the technological edge which keeps us competitive worldwide. We will work towards a full employment target and fix the cracks in the support for workers,

This Government will work so that the people of Birmingham Ladywood, and millions like them in constituencies around the country, can once again be proud of their work and the jobs they do in their cities, towns or villages.
Joseph "Joe" Quinn MP (LAB) 
Member for Birmingham Ladywood (2010-)
Secretary of State for Defence
The Green Party will vote in favour of the queen's speech to ensure a People's vote. For now the new Labour government have our confidence but we will be watching them and holding them to account to ensure that people and planet are protected. The government must move to net zero and they must end austerity or they will be no better than the tories they have replaced. 
Harriet Laski
Green Party Co-Leader
Candidate for Bristol West
Constituency Appeal, Campaigning Guru, Finite Resources
The full list of Confidence and Supply agreements has finally been released by the Prime Minister, and the British people now have full access to the various deals gluing this Coalition of Chaos together. Among the various previsions is the stipulation that every single policy decision must be approved by the leaders of all three parties that form the Coalition before moving forward. A Corbynite Labour leader, an illiberal Liberal Democrat, and as former Tory who just a few months ago was standing for the leadership of the Conservative Party now must reach unanimity before any single policy is able to move forward and be implemented. For years we've seen our country in a state of total paralysis and indecision, and now we have a Government sentenced to the exact same fate. A Government led by three wildly different politicians can't hope to provide the confidence and certainty our country so desperately needs, and they certainly can't hope to accomplish what they've set out in the Queen's Speech. 

Our new reality is very clear: at a pivotal moment in our country's history where we need a true leader capable of moving us forward, Britain is instead stuck with a Government led by someone more akin to a committee chair than a Prime Minister.
William West MP - Conservative Party

Shadow Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union
MP for Ribble Valley (2015 - )

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