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Press Cycle 8 - Hospital Parking Charges
Tories: Have nine years in Government don't do the thing

Generally speaking people like it when parties do stuff so they're willing to overlook the above, generally. Let's see how well each side spun it to see if that holds true for this issue.

Grey comes out quickly saying that this is a great Tory policy, it's a Tory motion and we're backing it he says. Often in politics first mover advantage is key, Grey puts the image in people's heads and now it is Labour's game to try and remove it from there and put something else in. Quinn has an INCREDIBLY strong counter though saying that while Tories quibble with this stuff Labour are fixing hospitals, very clever spin. Knight makes a very strong case for the scrapping of hospital parking fees and makes clear how the Government, led by Lascelles on this topic, failed to act. Grey and Goldman make very compelling follow up arguments attacking Labour effectively. Milne points out what I opened with, Knight continues to say Labour aren't serious and aren't replying before Arnold makes a nice point which kind of cuts Labour's legs out from under them as their own backbenchers now are coming out in support of what the public see as a Tory initiative (even if they see straight through the opportunistic element of it). Laski (remember when she was relevant?) applies pressure on the Government whilst also slinging mud at the Tories. Quinn and Lascelles finally bow to the cross-party appeal and get rid of the fees before Knight attacks the Government for wheeling out the Defence Secretary in the press rather than the Health Sec in the Commons and Allard attacks the Government for having an Osbornite in the Ministry of Health in the first place. Quinn goes back in on the topic of Tories only caring now before Saxon cannily reminds everyone that Labour pledged to do this back in 2009, now everyone looks opportunistic which helps the Tories as they're the ones who actually made this issue relevant. Blakesley responds and undoes most of the damage inflicted to Labour before Allard again savages the Government's choice of Health Secretary in a move which is again becoming a bit old. Pugh round us off by reminding everyone that Wales dealt with this years ago because of Plaid.

This is a Tory win, they got the issue on the agenda, forced the Government to pick it up, and the public think it's because of the Tories this all happened. That being said, does this matter one iota next to all the money Labour are lobbing at the NHS? Not really, people think it's nice, but it's not high up on their vote deciding lists. XP to Knight, Quinn (x2) and Grey.

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