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Brexit Party Budget Speech
Ladies and gentlemen, today we are presenting our budget proposal as the Brexit Party, this will be a truly transformative budget where we significantly change our spending priorities to reflect what is good for our country and for our people. For far too long our budget priorities have been focused on spending money that we could have spent on our own people to be sent to other countries and frankly enough is enough. Our country has been through a lot with austerity and its damaging effects and today we are presenting an alternative to that, one that does not break the bank, one that does reduce the deficit in real terms and in gdp and one that does continue to see a reduction in how much day to day spending is contributing to our deficit. 

First of all we are increasing the housing construction budget by 50 percent or in real terms by 3.9 billion. This is a significant increase but the housing crisis in our country, and we need to take that in reflection, even in these times of extremely low interest rates and economic growth families can’t afford to find places to live. This is a significant increase one which we will fund with a percent increase on corporation tax and a 2.5 percent increase on higher rate of capital gains tax, now this is an increase we take very seriously, especially considering we are in times where we need to ensure Britain protects its competitive edge, even with this increase Britain still remains as a country with one of the lowest rates of corporation tax and we intend to keep it that way but what does this increase allows us is to expand our competitive edge and comfort of our people in another way, by allowing people to have affordable housing we will be allowing them to spend money on other stuff that will revive local economies, provide a relief for families to allow and aspire them to save for their future and frankly ensure that disparities in our country is reduced. We will be also investing in 1.5 billion in housing upgrades, this increase shall be invested fully in replacing dangerous cladding across Britain, after the Grenfell fire, we should have done better but number of buildings with unsafe and fire prone cladding is still at unacceptable levels and this must end.

For our NHS, we will be building 3 new town hospitals, 50 large village hospitals and 370 new clinics and other facilities, investing 875 million pounds into mental health, and hire 2500 doctors, 12500 nurses and 5000 new support staff such as cleaners and more. Now in order to build these new hospitals and support them we will go for increases in cigarette and alcohol taxes that will raise 1.717 billion in new revenue, this will be properly used to ensure our NHS is up to its world class standards. We are focusing on neglected parts of our country, our towns, villages and in our rural areas, for far too long our towns, villages and rural areas have been neglected and left to wither and the Brexit Party is providing an alternative to this. We will be also providing our manifesto commitment in raising a penny on the pound increase in income tax to fund our social care system that is crumbling, this increase has been ring fenced to social care spending and it can’t be spent on any other item in the budget. This increase shall be referred to as the Social Care Surcharge, this will raise 7.2 billion a year and all of that is appropriated to Social Care. We also realise the crisis that our mental health system is in and that is why we are investing 875 million in it.

When we move to our policing issues, we have promised to hire 45 thousand police officers and in order to do this in a proper and sustainable way we will be hiring 12.5 thousand police officers this year, time of radical increases and radical cuts in our policing has created inconsistencies and unsustainability in our communities and that time is over. We will be hiring police officers in an orderly and sustainable way to ensure that our streets are always safe not when the times are good. 

We are eliminating the VAT on domestic fuel and we will be paying for this disparity in revenues by also eliminating the VAT exemption on betting and gaming. Betting and gaming is a scourge in our communities that has ruined a lot of families and it should be discouraged and eliminating this exemption and increasing betting duties by 2.5 percent in order to make something as vital as domestic fuel much more affordable to British people is something I call a win-win. The government has to take care of its own people and part of that is to discourage bad and harmful behaviour and another part of it is to make sure that everyone in this country can afford to live a decent life. 

Part of that decent living comes from helping our elderly and those who are in a tough spot, this is both compassionate and meaningful, helping those who are in financial distress, helping young families and helping people with young children is a good policy and that is why Brexit Party is announcing several policies to resolve difficulties in these areas. We will be providing an across the board 2 pound per week increase in every single benefit, we will be scrapping benefit sanctions, will scrap two child cap, the bedroom tax and we will do this without raising one penny in any taxes, instead we will be cutting foreign aid by 50 percent and ensure that the money is spent on our most vulnerable and ensure that they are taken care of. 

This next part, I will be presenting, is a bit personal for me. I am pregnant for three beautiful babies and as every pregnant women with a job, I have serious concerns about work and life balance, am I be able to care for my babies while also be able to do my job properly, thank god I am an elected member of parliament where I earn enough to take care of these problems but I am just privileged and very rare in that aspect for far too many women in our country childcare is just simply unaffordable and the free childcare is simply not enough, that is why Brexit Party is extending free childcare from birth to 5 years old. We will be introducing 5 free hours of free childcare for newborns, 10 free hours to babies from 1 to 2 years old and add 10 more hours of free childcare in addition to these expansions in total. 

Childcare and education is very important and unfortunately teachers and parents across the country are extremely concerned about education funding in our country for all the right reasons, teachers spending their own money to buy supplies, overcrowded classes and parents and locals trying to raise extra money for their schools, this is a disgraceful situation and unacceptable in one of the richest countries in the world. That is why we are increasing per pupil funding by 300 pounds this year, in addition to hiring 20000 new education personnel, we need to improve our schools and we need to ensure that they are providing proper education.
Which makes me think about what about children who are almost about to be adults and moving into adult life and a job or higher education. In this budget we are freezing tuition fees and we are adding 45 thousand new apprenticeship spots and creating 5000 new apprenticeship starts. We have to have a competitive workforce as a country and invest in apprenticeships, ensuring our children are learning skills that will allow them to earn a decent living and provide a strong workforce. Our country is our utmost priority. 

 When we talk about our workforce, I can’t talk about our public workforce, our nurses, police officers and doctors and teachers. They have faced a tough decade with effective pay cuts and more. That is why in this budget we are providing all of our public workforce an above average, a 3.5 percent pay increase. This is a great way of showing our gratitude and to alleviate some parts of the past decade where we have inflicted extra work and less pay on them. 

Finally I want to talk a little bit about one of the biggest crisis we are facing today, climate change and pollution. As Brexit Party we do believe that we have to do better to invest in our communities and allow them to adapt to these new conditions that are coming, that is why Brexit Party will create a pilot program to ensure our local governments can set up their own local energy infrastructure,1 billion to one local authority that has presented a realistic and ambitious pilot plan for local renewable energy generation, distribution and transmission plan. The local authority shall be picked competitively. In addition to that we will be investing 519 billion in capital spending to our environment and rural department to fund small and mid sized projects in our towns, mid sized cities and rural areas. In addition to this we will be scrapping HS2 and fully invest 3.7 billion in government funding that has been spared on improving our already existing lines, provide electrification and focus on delivering lines Liverpool and Manchester to Hull, Tees Valley and Sheffield. We will also be restoring cuts to the bus services and investing 500 million in addition to that to ensure our local communities across the country are connected and our people in this country are not paying exorbitant fees and wait for hours to reach their destinations. 

Now I will be taking questions

Brigitte Allard MP
Member for Stoke on Trent North
Leader of the Brexit Party

Media Darling/Fundraising Extraordinaire/Maverick/Constituency Darling(awarded by admins)
A decent, if unspectacular, budget with a veritable buffet of policies nicked from other parties. We have the LD tax increase and then a few commitments to do whatever the others are doing +4 billion percent. A lot here that people like but also some stuff people don't. It's good, but when Labour come out with their budget you get very quickly forgotten.

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