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Con SP: Finishing the Job
William Grey heads to Mansfield, joined by his husband and members of the local Conservative Association, to deliver a speech about the United Kingdom's future outside of the EU. 

Good morning, Mansfield! It is wonderful to be here with you all today, in this glorious part of England, as our country comes together on the eve of what is undoubtedly the most important election in a generation. I say that because I mean it, and because I believe the stakes could not be any higher. This election is so vital because it will decide how our country, or truly if our country, moves forward on the single most pressing issue facing the United Kingdom: our departure from the European Union. The fate of Brexit, and therefore our fate as a prosperous, enterprising, truly free country hangs in the balance. Your vote can change all that. Your vote can see the British people take back control of our democracy, of our laws, and of our destiny. I am here today with one simple message: use your vote to set the United Kingdom free, and vote for a pro-Brexit Conservative Government that will finish the job. 

I don’t want to use my opportunity to speak with you all today to simply rehash the points on where we’re at in the Brexit process. You all know that already, and the past two months of a Labour-led Coalition Government has made it perfectly clear how easy it will be for Remainers in Westminster to cancel Brexit if they get control of Parliament. So instead, I want to talk about why Brexit must be done so that our country can grow stronger, can become freer, and so that we can heal the divides in our nation that have gone on for far too long. I am here today in Mansfield to make a positive, optimistic, exciting case to see the 2016 referendum through and deliver on the task the British people gave Parliament: getting Brexit done. 

Only by finishing the job and delivering Brexit will the UK once again retain full control over its laws, meaning we will have the ability to make the best possible decisions for British business, British workers, and British communities. It’s estimated that leaving the EU and its burdensome regulatory culture could create over £130 billion pounds in economic growth right here in Britain - we just need to get out and move forward. As it stands today, everyday working people across the United Kingdom are being crushed by overburdensome regulations made by unaccountable bureaucrats in Brussels. Our domestic economy is stifled, it’s harder for businesses to expand and bring on new employees, and our entrepreneurial spirit is dampened by the overwhelming amount of regulations and red tape. These things cannot change if we are to remain in the European Union, because Britain has surrendered control of much of our regulatory process over to the EU. Only by regaining full control of our laws, and by ensuring that only MPs directly elected by the British people have the power to make regulations that will impact British business, can we unleash the full potential of the British economy. We must vanquish the days of subsidizing foreign economies, spending enormous sums of money to support the EU’s budget, and accepting rules that benefit the continent but not the UK to the past. We can do all that by seeing Brexit through, and that only happens with a Conservative majority in Parliament. 

This election also provides us the chance to take back control of our borders and our communities by guaranteeing that Brexit is done and by regaining the power to control immigration. Immigration is an undoubtedly good thing for Britain, and we should continue to encourage the world’s best and brightest to come to Britain, contribute to our communities, and make our country their new home. But for any nation to be successful, they must retain control over their immigration laws, powers we have wrongly ceded to the European Union. Instead of being able to implement an Australia-style points system that ensures immigrants are valued on their work ethic and their merits, we are forced to accept an EU-mandated system that values immigrants not on their actions but on where they were born. This system, devoid of valuing individuals on their merits, is unfair to immigrants seeking to come to the UK and unhelpful to the long term success of our country. It should be the British people, not Brussels, who determine our immigration laws. For a fairer immigration system, designed by the British people for Britain, we must finish the job and deliver Brexit to take back control of our borders. 

When it comes to the global economy, we have a world of opportunity all around us that remains just out of reach because of the EU’s antiquated regulations on free trade. As a result of our membership to the EU, Britain is left unable to make free trade agreements with the vast majority of the world’s nations. Our natural allies in the United States, the Commonwealth, and around the globe are ready and willing to open their markets up to British manufacturers but we lack the agency to act on it. Businesses right here in Mansfield are being continuously held back by the delay to Brexit, not only because you’re being denied access to these new markets, but also because of the economic uncertainty directly caused by Caroline Blakesley’s decision to continue to delay Brexit and keep Remain on the table. An independent, free, and unrestricted trade policy that will allow British businesses to access consumers from India to Indonesia is what awaits our country once we are able to get our act together and deliver Brexit. The economic impacts of this sort of free trade are enormous, they will be felt across the country, and they will unleash the torrent of pent up investment teeming to enter British markets. The future is no doubt brighter on the other side of this mess, we just have to do the work the people have asked us to do and get there. 

The bottom line is this: a policy of free trade, reduced regulation, and lower taxes will spur economic growth in this country unlike anything we’ve seen in generations. No matter how you may have voted in 2016, every single one of us are undoubtedly better off in 2019 by honoring the democratic will of the people, ending the uncertainty, and finishing the job to deliver Brexit. People across the country, including the 70% of voters here in Mansfield who voted to leave the EU, rightfully expect their will to be done and democracy to be preserved. There is no sense in rehashing the arguments of three years ago, no matter how politically advantageous that might be for the radical left in our country. To drop the bag and allow another Labour-led Coalition propped up by the SNP to wreck Brexit would be an unmitigated disaster for the British economy, for the state of our democracy, and for the integrity of our country. I have had enough of the delay, enough of endlessly turning our backs on the future, and of being stuck helplessly in the past. It is time to move on. Together, with your vote, we in the Conservative Party intend to do just that. A proper pro-Brexit Conservative Majority will have the power to break the log jam, to amplify the voices of the British people, and to get us out of the European Union once and for all. I have never been more confident in our country’s future than I am today, because I know that the resilient spirit of the British people is prepared to make the next decade the best yet for Britain. We’re almost there, now let’s finish the job.
William West MP - Conservative Party

Shadow Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union
MP for Ribble Valley (2015 - )
This is election stuff so won't be commented on much, but I will say this did lay the foundations for what the Conservatives were prob too late to do by bringing Brexit back to the core. You need your message to win people over though, and I'm not sure if a message of slashing taxes and reducing regulation resonates with the Northern voters you were wanting to win over who have a much more protectionist bent to Brexit.

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