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PC12 - Election Result
Verdict: Nobody looks all too mature, so it's a victory to the two minor small parties by proxy (Brexit and Lib Dem)

On the one hand, I admire the
Tories attempts to spin the results as something of a net positive for them. And I think at some points they largely would've done a good job - the lines on who has the most seats and so and so look good, at least while they're unopposed. The problem is all it took was Labour to point out that they got more votes, more seats and did kind of better in almost every metric to smash those arguments into pieces. At points, it seemed like the Tories were almost making the argument for electoral reform for the Lib Dems. When the argument 'if you take away the speaker we tied', or tried to make this about the British public not having any confidence in Blakesley as the LOTO did, I think you start really scraping at the bottom of a barrel and looking a bit desperate. 

Labour did a little bit better, but they did get a sustained attack from all sides and I think they joined in with a bit too much of the chest beating. Obviously, a bit of chest beating is expected. And you did need to counter the Tory arguments (and you did so effectively). But I'm not so sure 'look how great we are' is ultimately the right tone -- I think the LOTO is prob wrong, the public do think Blakesley has the rightful place to govern, but they don't expect arrogance and they want cooperation and getting on with the job. Ultimately, for the Tories and for Labour I found the best contributions weren't the chest beating ones, but ones that were reflective. 

This gives the other parties prime opportunity to look sensible.
Allard was as effectively opportunistic as ever, and Smith was just your nice resident Lib Dem and he also didn't really get attacked meaning his lines go in the press unopposed. Both also effectively trumpeted the elephant in the room electoral reform argument. So they, in my opinion, win. Yes, players, I hate to admit it -- if pro electoral reformers want to go for it, and if anti electoral reformers aren't going to be prepared to make the arguments, the electoral reform position has a lot of decent momentum behind it. I'm ducking and covering too.

Oh, before I go -- I should probably mention the b word. These results kind of have the potential to turn the democratic argument for Brexit into a bit of a wet fart. I think the Tories did a good job in ensuring it was still on the electorate's mind, but in having to spin the results that way they have given Labour props to their Northern Leave voters by tacitly admitting Labour is down for Brexit. If you want to keep using that as your line, be prepared for previous lines about Labour just wanting to frustrate Brexit to, as one of your former MPs put it, die in a ditch.

XP to Harry De Santis (I've been impressed by your contributions for a while, but I'll give you a nod to make them short and snappier in future), Jim Kennedy and Paddy Dundas

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