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PC13 - Tories
Verdict: Conservatives lose, and everyone else takes advantage of it.

Honestly, Tories, don’t be too disheartened by it. There was, as the public see it, rebellion stirring and that dirty laundry was always going to be aired publicly. It was almost inevitable that this press cycle wasn’t going to be a fun one for you.

… I think what should be disheartening for you is you actually had built the foundations to make this a strong press cycle win against all odds. Except you then lose, and tbh I don’t think there’s anyone to blame but yourselves for that frustratingly. The opening lines about recognising there needs to be change for the better were good. That union & regions shadow cabinet trick was good, and sold very very well. But then there’s really petty arguments about PReP and vote shares again that just let this press cycle down for you lot.

Labour have some good lines, and I think Jim Kennedy’s line about Saxon not being a leader but a caretaker is devastating, but I think you held back a little on the opportunity to really, truly go in for the kill. Lib Dems very effectively swipe at the Tories for doing what British people suspect they’re doing and don’t appreciate – Opposition for opposition's sake, and some very ‘unbritish’ rhetoric. It doesn't contribute to the press cycle result at all, but I did snigger at the countless Williams comment. Allard is quiet, and it prob is beneficial for her to not knife her electoral bedfellows too hard, but she does positively swipe herself as the best choice for the third of the country who are committed fully signed up Brexit supporters, and that should worry the Tories the most as these are really the people they've almost exclusively marketed themselves to throughout the round.

XP to Blakesley, Kennedy and Goldman.

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