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Lab SP: 10 Downing Street (mk 2)
The Prime Minister exited the door at 10 Downing Street to speak to the press that was assembled.

Thank you.

Earlier this week the Cabinet Office, at my instruction, released the Coalition Agreement for the forthcoming Parliament.

This election was momentous. The Labour Party received more votes than any other party since Labour’s victory in the 1997 election. The Liberal Democrats, our partner in this Coalition, dramatically expanded their share of the vote. Together, the parties in this coalition achieved a majority of the vote in the country as a whole, a majority of the vote in England, and pluralities of the vote in Scotland and Wales. That is a striking mandate from the people of the United Kingdom.

This a mandate that surpasses the number of votes earned by Labour governments in 2001 and 2005 and the Conservative government in 2015. Under normal circumstances, this would have led to a clear majority government. The is not the case today. However, there is a stable majority behind this Government: a majority that will get the work of the British people done, a majority that will fulfill the mandate we were given.

And we will use this mandate to govern in the national interest, to move forward as a nation.

When we first took office in June, we were faced with numerous challenges. Our people only just emerged from the greatest squeeze on living standards in our history, with in-work and child poverty rising to unheard of levels. Our country remains the most regionally unequal economy in Europe, with the number of regions judged to be “less developed” set to rise to six or seven from two just five years ago. Our public services are only just recovering from the devastation of austerity politics.

We will work diligently to reverse those trends. The successes of the past several months that we build upon are many: a renewed commitment to devolution across England, the restoration of power sharing to Stormont, historic investment in renewable energy, championing equality for all. Yet the work to be done is significant.

Over the next months we will intensify and conclude our negotiations with the European Union, giving the people of this country a real vote on Brexit: one where they choose between two clear plans. And I will happily campaign for the deal that this government achieves.

In the weeks ahead we will renew our commitment to ending austerity and providing our public services with the investment that they deserve. No longer will doctors or teachers have to worry about whether they will have the resources to do their jobs. No longer will a capital spending drought have us worrying whether our schools and hospitals are sound of structure. Standards across our public services will be on the rise once again.

Over the coming weeks we will renew our commitment to our fellow man. Whether a worker, a pensioner, or disabled, this government will stand to support you. We will reverse the harsh cuts to social security that left families, left children, on the bring of poverty. We will rebuild our welfare systems to ensure that all get the hand up that they need. That is our most basic commitment; that is the basic bargain that every citizen of this country is entitled to.

We will stand fast in our commitment to level up the whole of the United Kingdom – even though we acknowledge that this will take time. The basic building blocks of productivity - investment in infrastructure, innovation, and skills - will form the cornerstone of our approach. However, we will look to deliver these services as close to communities as possible - not driven from Whitehall but supported by Whitehall. That is a model that can work for the whole of the United Kingdom: locally implemented, regionally managed, and centrally supported.

These tenants shall be at the core of this government – building a truly United Kingdom.

We are told that we are our brother’s keeper, our sister’s keeper. Yet our brothers and our sisters are not just our family members or our neighbors. They are our fellow countrymen no matter what corner of the United Kingdom that they come from. Whether from York or Yeovil, Edinburgh or Eastleigh, Belfast or Broxtowe: we are one nation, we share one common goal. And this government shall deliver upon those goals: prosperity for all, no matter where you hail from; opportunity for all, no matter where you fall on the social ladder; security for all, no matter what hard times you’ve faced in life.

I look forward to delivering these changes in the weeks, months, and years ahead. Now, it is time to be getting on.
Caroline Blakesley MP DCB
Prime Minister (June 2019-)
MP for Manchester Central (2015-) | Labour
Traits: Fundraising Extraordionare, Campaign Guru, Media Darling, Constituency Pariah
This is definitely the best Downing Street speech I've read all round (to be fair, you're only besting yourself and one other player) and possibly the best Downing Street speech I've read in PolUK. I think you send out a powerful message about your priorities on public services and regional inequality in particular, market your Brexit position quite well but most importantly set forward a powerful vision for the public. And its visions people vote for probably more than policy, and that truly United Kingdom where we all look out for each other is just very warm, fuzzy and votable. What's refreshing, though, is this all feels very original and I don't feel like you've gotten your Downing Street template from anyone else (in recent history, Theresa May's has been a favourite to borrow from). 

Even Blakesley's opponents admire, respect and see her as a stateswoman who feels very naturally Prime Ministerial. This speech solidifies that. 

+3 XP for Blakesley.

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