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Press Cycle: International Development
Uk aid alleviates suffering in some of the most desperate, poor and war torn countries in the world. It sends children to school and delivers life saving vaccination. It helps to tackle the root causes of global problems such as disease, migration, terrorism and conflict, which matter to us her in the UK. Foreign aid is helping people in some of the most benighted countries in the world whilst also helping our security and stability back home in Britain. Our International Development spending is also in our long-term economic interests. By generating employment, fostering trade, developing markets and increasing people’s ability to earn a living, UK aid provides enormous opportunities for sustainable economic growth. We have seen developing countries become emerging economies, and emerging economies become the engines of future growth and prosperity. Where the UK’s development assistance has played a role in this process, we build strong links and create powerful trading partners for the future. We should welcome Foreign Aid and the moral authority it brings in a world where leadership to address the big issues of our time is desperately needed. But we should also recognise that this is a crucial investment in our own future, bringing greater security and prosperity for our children and grandchildren. It is not just aid from Britain, it is aid for Britain’s benefit too.
Sion Rowlands MP
Minister of State for Education and Skills (2003- Present)
Member of Parliament for Cardiff Central (1992 - Present) 

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