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Conservative Party Leadership Election
The Conservative Party Leadership Election rules are as follows:


Nominations are open from now until Saturday 22nd September at 1:30 pm BST  (as a note for me, that's 8:30 AM EDT)
24 hours of campaigning from Saturday 22nd at pm BST until 2 pm BST Sunday 23rd (9:00 AM EDT both days)
Players' votes must be submitted before Sunday at 5 pm BST (12:00 EDT)
Results will be declared on Sunday evening , time to be announced.

All times in British Summer Time.


- Each candidate requires a nomination and a seconder.
- Candidates may nominate themselves or second themselves, but not both.
- Nominations must be made using the following form

Quote:Name of Candidate:

Name of Proposer:
Name of Seconder:
Declaration of Candidate's consent:


In 1992, the Conservative Party rules for selecting a leader were more simple... if not less democratic. Only MPs can vote for the Party leader. Normally this would require the successful candidate to not ONLY win an absolute majority of MP votes, but to also get at least 15% MORE votes than the runner up (so 50% + 1 + 15% of the 272 MPs for a minimum of 178 votes assuming all MPs vote and there are no abstentions or spoiled ballots). If no one wins a majority, there is a second ballot a week later- which of course is not conducive to getting the game moving. So we'll simulate the votes of MPs through "campaigning," just as though you're going out to the party membership at large. 

During the 24 hour campaigning period, each candidate has 6 "hours" of campaigning time to spend. MPs other than the candidates each have 2 "hours" to spend, and may wish to use these to help their preferred candidate. Campaigning time can be spent as follows:

Speech: 2 hours
Canvassing: 1 hour
Poster/Leaflet: 1 hour

Canvassing here means a summary of a conversation with an MP on three policy areas, either in a bullet point description or through a script of talking points the candidate would use. And you can always make promises... though know that it might come back to haunt you later! 


Players' votes must be submitted via Private Message here on the forum, not on Telegram, to both Addie and Dan. Votes must be received by Sunday, 23rd September, at 5 pm BST in order to be counted.

The results of the MPs vote will be calculated based on players' factions and influence, as well as of any submitted campaign material to help swing along those other MPs that might be undecided. 

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