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Labour Deputy Leadership Election 1992
Jack Galbraith canvassed Trade Union members in support of Angela Harvey for Labour Deputy Leader (1 Hour)
  • Angela Harvey stands for collective bargaining and and strong Union participation in our Economy, she will work to restore the collective bargaining power of the Trade Unions after the divisive and deliberately wrought changes brought about by the Thatcher administration. Angela has long been known as a firm friend of workers up and down the country, she will be your voice within Government.
  • Angela Harvey is the only candidate with the firm credibility to stand up for the Trade Unions within Labour, and will resist any moves within the Labour Party to diminish the role of the Trade Union block vote in selecting the Leadership. The Trade Union movement is a historic and firm part of the Labour Party - it must continue to play a key role in the future of Labour, especially as we return to Government.
  • Working with the unions to re-invigorate British Industry, Angela will work with our new Prime Minister in collaboration with the Unions to provide a plan for British workers which protects jobs and employment - as well as creating new jobs where British manufacturing has been deliberately gutted by the Tory Government.
Rt Hon. Jack Galbraith TD MP Labour & Co-operative
Member of Parliament for Glasgow Cathcart (1979-present)

Secretary of State for Constitutional Affairs & Devolution (1992-present)

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