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The Independent
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The Independent was established in the late 1980s - and despite its name is not particularly politically independent. Newspaper of the liberal left and endorsed the Liberal Democrats in 2012. Circulation in 2012 of 240,947.
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According to new data released by the Crime Survey of England and Wales, 1.5 million females and 750,000 males are reported to have been victims of domestic abuse over the last twelve months. This represents an uptick in reported cases, with an increase of roughly 250,000 over the previous year. This has lead a number of senior organisations, which represent victims of domestic abuse and work to prevent it, to call upon the government to “put into place stronger measures” to prevent cases of domestic abuse.

The Independent has spoken to the founder of the charity Refuge, Erin Pizzey, who’s charity provide specialist support to women and children who are victims of domestic abuse. She told the Independent that whilst her charity was working hard to support victims of abuse, they “simply didn’t have the resources” from central government to “successfully combat the rise that we have been seeing” in domestic abuse cases. She went on to say that Refuge is calling on the government to start a public inquiry into how best they can work to reduce the number of cases being seen and how best to support victims that have survived these dreadful ordeals.

The data from the Crime Survey of England and Wales also shows that a staggering 11% of total emergency calls are made in relation to domestic violence and that it accounts for roughly 20% of all recorded violent crime. This has prompted a response from the Police Superintendents Association, who said that they believe that “if pressure is reduced on the police force in regards to domestic violence, then we will be better able to respond to other forms of violent and non-violent crime. This would be achieved thanks to an increased number of resources that we could take away from domestic violence claims, if the number of cases fell. We believe that this must be a priority for the government and urge them to act rapidly to ease pressure on police forces and help victims escape from their troubled relationships.”

Overall, this increase represents a trend that nobody wishes to see continue and we are publicly advocating for the government to act and reduce this uptick in the reported number of cases.
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