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Conference Season

The A-team is pleased to announce that next week will be party conference time :-)

From the Sunday 18th June to the Thursday 22nd June at midnight each party will be having their party conferences. The A-team will reveal more over the next day or two but here is a few bits of information:


You will need to pick a location for conference, think long and hard and let the A-team know by Friday 16th June


You will need to come up with a schedule for your conference, who's speaking when, what they are going to talk about, blah blah blah. 

Guest Speakers

As with normal tradition, each party is allowed an NPC speaker to talk at their conference, this can be a party grandee to a celebrity who is favourable to your party, the choice is yours. Please speak with the A-team to request an NPC etc. 

Main events and Fringe events 

You will of course have a main event at a conference where your party frontbench comes out (I hope you will otherwise you are screwed) and you can also have fringe events, more detail on fringe events will follow. 

I believe that's all for now, any questions let the A-Team know, there will be more news to follow and good luck!
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