Some parting thoughts

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Some parting thoughts
So, I'm officially out.

Let me tell you the string of events that led to this. I raised concerns in light of marking that was not applied correctly across the board. After being told I could make a request for a "review", I did so. I was then told, after asking for an update on said review, that players won't be allowed to request reviews. Essentially: we told you to ask for this thing that we aren't going to actually do. 

Now look - the A-Team are volunteers, and I get that. But that's a piss-poor way of handling things and I think it's worth ensuring the other players know. And while part of me expects this post to get deleted, it is not intended as a personal attack on anybody on the A-Team. But the inconsistent application of rules and marking this round has been too much, and I'm no longer willing to keep fighting and getting stressed over a game. 

To the Conservative players, I apologise for leaving you in the lurch with my sudden departure. But you'll do fine. I consider all of you to be friends, and I will look back on my time in this game very fondly; this, however, is the end of the road for me. And yes, they say "they always come back" (and I surely have), but this time is the real end. I need to spend my time on things that matter more than pretending to be Leader of the Opposition.

As I said once before, if you ever find yourself in Toronto, look me up. I'll see many of you on Facebook, Twitter etc... and to those who may not have connected with me there, feel free to send a request. If not, no worries. 

All the best.
William D. Blumenthal
Conservative | Solihull (1970 - Present)
Shadow First Secretary of State | Shadow Foreign Secretary
Leader, Selsdon Group
Former Secretary of State for Industry and Trade (1972-1974)
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Very sorry to see you go. You'll be missed Sad
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The Hon. Alastair MacKenzie MP, DSC
Member of Parliament for St Marylebone (1964-present)
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Very sad that it has to end this way, as it always is to lose such an integral member of a community.

Sorry to see you go, Josh. As always good luck in your endeavors.
The Rt. Hon. James H. Savege, MP of Monmouth (2005-present)
Acting Leader of the Conservative Party (2012-present)
Leader of the Opposition (2012-present)
Shadow Leader of the House of Commons (2012-present)
Shadow Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs (2012-present)
Frm. Secretary of State for Wales (2008-2012, Shadow: 2005-2008)

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All the best Josh. Thanks for your efforts while you were on the A-Team and thank you for helping us to start this round so positively.

I wish you all the best going forward
Martyn Dolan
Conservative MP For Kingston Upon Thames (1970- Present)
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Was very disappointed to hear about this when I woke in this morning, such a loss for the game. You'll be missed both in the game, and for your contributions to the main chat.

Look forward to keeping in touch!
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Emram Nasser
Conservative Member for Thirsk and Malton
Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer (2012 -)

"All the Great things are simple, and many can be expressed in a single word: Freedom, Justice, Honour, Duty Mercy, Hope." 
- Winston Churchill -
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To begin, I would like to say that I am sorry for the way this has panned out and apologise for my handling of this issue.

To summarise the events, Josh asked the A-team to review some marking that we had done, which we did. However, after internally reviewing the scores, we felt that players should not be able to have marks changed, especially not other player’s marks – which this request focused on.

We did, however, check the marks that we gave to the other player in question, but felt that the original score given was correct.

Separately, stopping player request was, in my eyes, a precautionary measure intended to prevent abuse of the marking system (note that Josh’s request was not).

In the light of day, it’s clear that this decision, which was ultimately my call and I’ll take the blame for it, was the wrong one to take. In response, we will allow players to request reviews to take place with regards to their own marks.

I will also say that there will be no censorship of posts like this and we are fine with any criticism that the player base wishes to raise.

All of us on the A-team wish Josh well and send our thanks for his service to the game in both an admin and player capacity.
"We all know that Mary has a nice cat" - Fairbanks
"Nice pussy" - Coombes
"Oh look, it's Mary's massive pussy" - Keynes
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Josh, you have given so much to this game and to all of us. I am so thankful for being able to work with and learn from you, and I will miss you.
The Rt. Hon. Sir Lincoln Huizenga, GBE MP
MP for Cheltenham (1992-Present)
Secretary of State for Environment and Infrastructure (2012-Present)
Shadow Secretary of State for Justice (2008-2012)
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This is sad to come back to from the weekend. Sad You will be missed.
Charlotte Rennoll
Shadow President of the Board of Trade, Chief Whip
MP for the City of London and Westminster
Selsdon Group
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