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Theodore Jackson
--- Personal ---

Avatar: Danny Glover
Age: 50 [0 points]
Race/Ethnicity: Black [5 points]
Gender: Male [0 points]
Sexuality: Heterosexual [0 points]
Religion: Atheist [5 points]
Family: Married with no children, [3 points] 
Class: Born to working class family [10 points] 

--- Education ---
Secondary Education: Private School [5 points]

Higher Education: Bachelor’s Degree Law [0 points]
Master’s Degree Law [4 points] 
Doctorate Law [4 points] 

University: Oxford [5 points]

--- Career ---
Civilian Careers
Law Enforcement, Chief Of Police [8]
Intelligence Officer [10 points]

--- Honours and Bonuses ---
Author of a Book [2 points] (Blood On Our Streets. An Autobiography on Theodore Jackson's career in Law enforcement.)

Total Points: 61

--- Biography ---

Theodore was born in London to Father David Marshall and Mother Jill Jackson. Theodore's father, David moved to London from Barbados when he was 20, his mother Jill was born in London. Jill fell pregnant with Theodore at 20. Theodore's father never remained for his childhood so a connection between the two was never created. However, Theodore's love for his mother cannot be measured. He watched as she worked multiple jobs to keep him and her afloat. His desire to change and be better stemmed directly from his mother. Theodore's father passed on at 55 from a heart attack and his mother at 63 from the same. Theodore has regularly been quoted as saying "My mother worked her self to death, so that I could live and live I shall."

Theodore quickly acknowledged the problems around him in his youth and how the deck can be stacked against you. Theodore was determined to make sure that his mothers sacrifices weren't in vein, he decided to seek a career in the police force. At 21 Theodore was accepted into the London police academy and he served with great pride and rising up the ranks for 6 years. At 27 and seeking more, Theodore applied for a government position as an Intelligence Officer. Theodore spent 8 Years working with the government before accepting the role of Chief of Police at age 35. This was a pleasant change from his previous 14 years of working the government. However after 5 years, Theodore's passion and ambition had only grown. His career life had shown him a different one to that that he had thought he knew when he was younger. He now knew that no matter how stacked the deck, you can always make something of yourself. He knew he had to share that message. He knew the way to change the country for the better was in the political realm. Theodore resigned from his position and enrolled in a Bachelor Degree Of Law at Oxford. It was here that he met his wife Anya who was doing the same degree. They hit it of instantly, their love for politics and Law mixed with their huge ambitions only fuelled the fire.  He went onto to get his PhD, marry Anya and work for 2 years as a Lawyer. After that Theodore set out to earn himself some more credentials, dedicating his time to NPO's and youth programs for the homeless. 
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Party selection is Conservative.
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Not sure what you mean by police chief, so please amend. Other than that, approved! Welcome to the game.
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