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How can we better simulate being in Government?
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NPC Cabinet/Shad Cab Members. Rather than having a Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs (including Defence, Foreign Aid and the NHS or some weird combo) and a Secretary of State for the Pointless Departments like CMS, have seperate offices with "NPCs" who are controlled by players. May not change much but it'll make the aesthetics nicer imo. In that other place I freelance admin for (the place Ed won't let me mention) we have a system of linked accounts, my admin account and my backbencher account are linked together so I can post as one whilst signed in as the other, that might be a good way to keep the "NPCs" and the player primary characters seperate

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I know I'm in the minority, but I think double-jobbing is far more flexible than just pooling up into huge departments, while it's functionally equivalent. One big drawback of NPCs is that players can simply disown them when they make mistakes in office. A big part of being in government (and in opposition, opposing said government) is that if you fuck up, you fuck up and get burned for it. That's just not immediate enough for me with NPCs you can simply replace and never get to hear from again.
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