Achievements for Players

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Achievements for Players
A long forgotten idea of mine that was concined to the annuals of history... until i happened to be looking for something in the admin subforum and discovered it again. Mildly amended from the original version, i present you with the Achievements system!

Should you complete an achievement as a party or individual you unlock some additional momentum for your party. As i want to expand this list we wont be launching this for another week (Wednesday 1st Nov) but until then feel free to send in suggestions for new achievements to add to the list, all that is needed is a name and a task. I look forward to your suggestions! Reward suggestions are also welcome.

--- Rewards ---

- A news article personally rewarding you
- Plus 10% swing on your current majority in your seat (This does not affect swings in national polling and as such a 10% swing may not save you)

- Plus 15 Momentum for your political party
- An endorsement by an organisation or group (Dependent on achievement and group - for admin decision at a later date)

Each Reward can be collected only once per round. Players/Parties may choose one out of the bulleted list above as a reward.

--- Party Awards --- 

Harry Saxon Award
Win second in the popular vote at a general election as the third party.

Clement Attlee Award
Nationalise an entire industry

Not-So-Official Opposition
Defeat a Government in an election

You and What Seat?
Oust a Cabinet/Shadow Cabinet member from their seat

Rule Britannia
Win any War against a foreign threat

Become the official opposition/Government as the third party

We Are the Majority
Win a referendum alone as a party

No Government, No Problem
Privatise all state owned industries

Which box do I tick to vote?
Change the voting system for the House of Commons

Reverse Manhattan
Disarm the UK’s Nuclear Deterrent

Not So All Powerful
Defeat a majority Government on a Key vote

Who Needs Roads? Statists.
Build NO roads in a budget

--- Individual Awards ---

Callaghan Award for Flip-Flopping
In one round, hold each of the Great Offices of State at least once

Emilove Award for Electioneering
Become Prime Minister from being Leader of the Opposition

Dearie Award for Scandals
Force another player to resign their Cabinet/Shadow Cabinet seat through scandal/intrigue

Heseltine Award for Regicide
De-Throne your party leader

Clifton Award for Betrayal
Break off from your party and establish a new political party that will survive a General Election

Willoughby Award For Parachuting
After Losing your seat, successfully win another seat in a by-election/election

Andrew Summer Momentum Master
Personally gain over 100 momentum points for your party

Iris Penrose Award for being Passionate
Deliver a 5,000 word or more speech in Parliament 

The Rhubarb Award for One-Liners
Deliver the best line in a press marking ten times (consecutively or not)
Special Advisor for the Treasury and Foreign Office
Advisor for the Labour Party

"If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years there'd be a shortage of sand." ~ Milton Friedman

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