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One is recovered and back to activity
Diana Halifax
Minister of State for Employment 
Member of Parliament for Kensington
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Got sort of swamped by some paid work I totally forgot about, but back now.

Speaker of the House
Lord Protector of Her Majesty's Press
Adviser in Chief to the SNP
Man on the Phone in the Progressive Alliance's Phone Box
Ended up starting this game with less free time than I anticipated, for which I apologise. Will be more active from Friday on.
Nikos Steliou
Labour MP for Enfield North
Minister for Sport (2005-2007)
Minister of State for International Development (2007-2010)
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Back Friday afternoon (sitting tests at uni from Monday)
The Rt. Honourable Christopher Baxter QC MP
Her Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for the Home Department (2016 -)
Member of Parliament for Chichester
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Away till Monday/Tuesday
MP for Bristol West; Spokesperson for the Economy and Foreign Affairs


(In previous lives: violated a confidence and supply agreement, tried to fight a man on Eton's nine-hole golf course, released a leaflet torpedoing ones own party and was likened to an M&M shovelling money into a fireplace)
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Very reduced activity tomorrow/Friday.
The Rt Hon Caroline Blakesley MP PC
Prime Minister & First Lord of the Treasury (2016-present)
MP for Cambridgeshire South East (2010-present)
Conservative Party | Tory Reform Group

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