What is this for?

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What is this for?
When a Government Minister has important information they need to give out, or an announcement to make, they come to the House of Commons and give a Ministerial Statement. This will be also heard be heard by the press and, theoretically, the public.

After the Minister has made his or her statement, the floor is open for debate. At the very least, the public expects the appropriate Shadow Minister to speak to give his or her reaction. Replies to a Ministerial Statement should be about the MP's reaction to and opinions of the Statement, and not simply a list of questions. The Minister may want to make additional contributions to answer any points that have come up during the debate. Ministerial Statements will be open to responses for four real life days.

Ministerial Statements are not voted on.

When a Minister has an update for the House on the same subject as a previous Ministerial Statement, a new Ministerial Statement should be made in a new thread, rather than as a reply to an existing statement.
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