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Bill Template
To help you in putting together legislation, here's a handy Bill template.

To copy the template, you may find it easiest if you quote it. Click the quote button at the bottom of this post, then start a new thread in First Reading, your party HQ or your cabinet department. You'll see a comment there at the bottom of the text box, reading "You have selected one post from another thread". Click "Quote this post too" to paste the template into your post. Then you can edit it to your heart's content.

In particular:
Replace <blue words in guillemets> as appropriate for your Bill.
You should only have one part from within each set of #yellow words in hashes#. The rest should be deleted.
*Red words in asterisks* explain what each section is for. Don't forget to remove them before you post!

Don't worry too much about getting the legalise exactly right. We're not lawyers; we're playing a game. We therefore care more about the policy being implemented than the text of the Bill itself, and that is what the debate will be marked on.

[Image: Legislation_Header.png]

<Name of Act> Act <YEAR>
*Names of Acts are boring and descriptive. No "Patriot Act" or "No Child Left Behind Act" here. They are often of the form Subject Area (Specific Thing) Act, so the previous examples could be called something like Terrorism (Intelligence) Act and Education (Standards) Act.*

An Act to <say what your act does>; and for connected purposes. *This is the "long title". Don't be afraid to list a lot of things here, but don't go into great detail.*

BE IT ENACTED, by the Queen's most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:— *This line is always the same so leave it alone, unless you're using the Parliament Acts to force your Bill through in which case this changes, but we'll worry about that at the time.*

1. Definitions
(1) <A definition is a description of a thing that is relevant to this Act.>
(2) <"Act" has the same meaning as in Section 21 of the Interpretation Act 1978.>

2. Provisions
(1) <Put the things your Bill does in here.>
(2) <If your Bill does lots of things, feel free to copy this Section and group related things together.>
(3) <If you do have more than one of these Sections, don't forget to rename them and renumber everything.>

3. Exceptions
(1) <If your changes don't apply to certain people or in certain circumstances, don't forget to list them here.>*This is important, as it's about who your law will affect. If you don't exclude a group you should, they might get mad.*

4. Funding
(1) There is to be paid out of the Consolidated Fund any funds attributable to the provisions of this Act. *If your changes cost money, this authorises the money to be paid*

5. Short title, commencement and extent
(1) This Act may be cited as the <Name of Act> Act <YEAR>. *Copy what you called it at the top*
(2) This Act comes into force on #30th February 2099.##the day it is passed.##such day as the Secretary of State may by Order appoint; and different days may be appointed for different purposes.# *Do your changes need a transitional period? Do different parts need to take effect at different times or in a particular order?*
(3) This Act extends to #the whole United Kingdom.##England.##England and Wales.##England, Scotland and Wales.# *Check whether your changes are in a devolved area, or the SNP won't be happy! Changes to courts or the judicial system are normally Eng and Wales only, as Scotland's legal system is different.*
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