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Scandals - Submit Yours Here

To get some additional influence and add that extra element of political reality and gameplay to the round you can choose to submit up to two scandals for your character here.

When submitting a scandal you will be asked several questions, the first being your name and party, the second being the 'nature' of your scandal: is it to do with money? adultery? and the list goes on and on. Then you will be required to 'rank' the severity of your scandal out of five; if you choose to get the maximum level scandal (5) you will receive 5 additional influence points for free, if you choose a minimum level scandal (1) you will receive one additional influence point for free - this is the main benefit of Scandals for players. Once you have done this you will be asked if you want to add any details about your scandal, we do not expect anything long or detailed, but if you want to know what you might have to deal with should your scandal leak to the public or your Chief Whip you can outline that in that section. The A team however will generally decide the specifics of your scandal should it be released and as such that section can be left blank if you want.

The final part of registering your scandal will be to pick a number between one and fifty. This number will be used for a random number generator that will be refreshed every week in order to determine if your scandal has leaked or not. This is where the role of the Chief Whip becomes vital - each week all players in the game in major parties have a 1/50 chance of being found out by the Chief Whip. This will mean that suddenly the Chief Whip has a card in his hand that he can use to ensure you comply with the Government/Opposition agenda. They could threaten to leak this scandal to the press, and if it is damaging enough that threat may be big enough that you may want to do what the Whip says. Of course you could negotiate what the whip does with this information - on a vital bill for example you could request that they destroy the information after your vote is cast, however they are under no obligation to do so - and as such it is down to them and how much they like you/think you will tolerate being blackmailed.

This is not the only thing that your number will be used for however, this number will also be put against 150/1 odds over it leaking to the General public. This means that it could in theory leak to the public before even the Chief Whip sees it, or while the whip has it in their possession - the latter making an interesting scenario where the whip may have to explain why they did not inform the public. This means that there is of course always a chance that your number will come up and you'll be subject to a scandal in game, but equally you benefit from taking that risk by getting additional points that could earn you a promotion due to your influence or even win you some key concessions or votes. Only the chief whip will be aware of your scandals, not even your party leader, however they may choose to inform individuals at their discretion, those individuals however could end up leaking the information themselves and as such weakening the Whip's hand so that is down for them to decide.

The final point to note about scandals is that any that would essentially end the entire career or lifestyle of a character will not be permitted or will be able to be amended at the leisure of the Admin team should we deem them over the top - for example murdering someone would be considered excessive as if found out your character would almost certainly be going to jail and as such unplayable. Furthermore, if players want to submit some kind of 'Joint Scandal' wherein they both are having an affair with one another or something to that nature you cannot pick the same number and furthermore if one of you is found out by the whip or the press, both of you are. In addition to this it is expected that both players must consent to this and submit separate, but identical, scandals to the form. The point of a scandal should be to, if caught, damage the reputation of a character or maybe make them lose their job at the worst level - however they should not be career ending so keep that in mind.

Head Administrator of PolUK
Special Advisor for the Prime Minister, Cabinet, Foreign Office, Defence and the Chief/Shadow Whip
Advisor for the Labour Party

"If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years there'd be a shortage of sand." ~ Milton Friedman
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