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Challenge Three
As part of the leadership campaign process players - as effective frontbenchers and prominent members of their parties - should throw out their opinion over who is best suited to lead their party. It's an important thing to think about as the new leader not only must unite your party, but also provide a clear and bold agenda over how to get into power or remain in it. As such we want you to think very clearly about who should lead the party and their records on doing so - and to encourage you to do that we will assign anyone who issues a public endorsement to a candidate in their party with 1 additional influence upon posting the completed endorsement through a campaign event such as Canvassing or a short speech in this thread. To make this clear - to receive the additional one influence you must campaign, press cycle statements will not be accepted.

Obviously as this is tied to leadership elections for the time being you have until the end of Sunday 28th for Labour players and the end of Monday 29th for Conservatives. Choose your candidate wisely - it will almost certainly influence the outcome of the round - and then get campaigning!
Head Administrator of PolUK
Special Advisor for the Prime Minister, Cabinet, Foreign Office, Defence and the Chief/Shadow Whip
Advisor for the Labour Party

"If you put the federal government in charge of the Sahara Desert, in 5 years there'd be a shortage of sand." ~ Milton Friedman
Thanks given by:
Rt. Hon. Sean Manning MP

Chancellor of the Exchequer (2000 - )
Labour MP for Bristol East (1992 - )
Chief Secretary to the Treasury (1997 - 2000)
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Elizabeth Tanner
Member of Parliament for
Camberwell and Peckham
First Secretary of State
Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs
Labour Party

Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (2000-2001)
Thanks given by:
Rt. Hon. Callum Finch MP | Labour Party
Member of Parliament for Burton (1992-present)
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom
Leader of the Labour Party

Secretary of State for Defence (2000-2001)
Government Chief Whip & Parliamentary Secretary to the Treasury (2000-2001)
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hmu with a sweet influence point
Conservative MP for Canterbury (1974-Present)
Shadow Foreign Secretary 2001-Present

(In a previous life: violated a confidence and supply agreement, tried to fight a man on Eton's nine-hole golf course, released a leaflet torpedoing his own party and was likened to an M&M shovelling money into a fireplace)
Thanks given by:
Thanks given by:
Simon Calvert
Conservative MP for Orpington (1992-Present)
Shadow Foreign Secretary (2000)
Shadow Health Secretary (2002)
Shadow Home Secretary (2002-Present)

Thanks given by:
MP for Cambridge (1992 - )
Thanks given by:
Henry Stanbrook MP | Conservative
Member of Parliament for Finchley (1992-1997)
Member of Parliament for Finchley and Golders Green (1997-)
Shadow Secretary of State for Health and Social Welfare (2000-)
Thanks given by:
The Rt. Hon. Cyril Kos, QC MP
Deputy Leader of the Conservative Party (2000-Present)
Shadow Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government (2000-Present)
MP for Kensington and Chelsea (1997-Present, previously MP for Kensington)
Chair, Justice Select Committee (1998-2000)
Chief Secretary to the Treasury (1994-1996)
Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster (1996-1997)
Thanks given by:
Jack Davison | Labour Co-operative | Member for North Tyneside
(Aaron, formerly Hilda Asher-Grey)
Thanks given by:
Amelia Wilson MP
Shadow Secretary of State for Defence
Fmr. Shadow Home Secretary & [b][i]Shadow Women's and Equalities Minister[/i][/b]
Conservative and Unionist Party 
MP for Eastwood
Thanks given by:
Isabella Eriksen | MP for Nottingham South (1992-Present)

"We were the ones who choked on tear gas. You were the ones who drank tea playing at Leftism." - Emine Ulker Tarhan
Thanks given by:
MP for South West Devon (1997-Present)
MP for South Hams (1992-1997)

Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer (2000-Present) 
Thanks given by:
Francis Paris PhD (Londin) MP
Member for Arundel and South Downs
Shadow Secretary of State for Energy and the Environment
Thanks given by:
the Rt Hon. Angus "Gus" Quigley MP | Conservative MP for Crosby (1992-present)
Opposition Chief Whip (2000-) and Shadow Infrastructure and Transport Secretary (2000-)
Shadow Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (1999-2000)

"Get Netflix at the PM's Office."
- Sybrand Buma, when asked what his first act as Prime Minister of the Netherlands would be.
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