Martin de la Wantzenau

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Martin de la Wantzenau
Character Name: Martin Pierre-Aimé Justice de la Wantzenau (aka Martin de la Wantzenau, M.P.A.J. de la Wantzenau)
Avatar: Mark Rutte

Age: 41
Race/Ethnicity: Half-British, half-Franco-German
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual 
Religion: Catholic
Birthplace: Haguenau, Alsace, France
Birthdate: 12 March 1958

Class: Raised in "old money" aristocratic French family
Parents: Pierre-Aimé Martignan Verité de la Wantzenau and Christina Freifrau von Sasbachwalden zu Kappelrodeck
Marital Status: Single
La Sorbonne, Paris (1977 - 1981): Comparative and European Law
Ecole nationale d'administration, Paris (1981 - 1983): Masters in European Law

Political Career:
Elected as MP for Bromley and Chislehurst, 1997
Conservative councillor in Kensington and Chelsea, 1990 - 1996
Conservative member since 1988; also a member of the French Parti republicaine 1986-1998 and the successor Démocratie libérale since 1998.
Party: Conservative

Ideological Beliefs: 
Wetter than an otter's pocket. Classical liberal, socially progressive, environmentalist, European federalist, pro-NATO, multilateralist, internationalist, pro-United Nations, pro-humanitarian intervention.
Martin de la Wantzenau was born in 1958 to a wealthy Alsatian landowner and his British citizen wife, a minor fourth-generation German aristocrat whose family relocated to Britain after the war, in the rolling hills of the land which surrounds the much-contested Franco-German border. His father made his living both renting out land to farmers and farming his own small-holding where the young Martin was often employed each summer in dragging around hay bales and maintaining farm machinery.

Despite this idyllically rustic upbringing, Martin was enrolled at the Sorbonne in 1976, the same year that centrist Valery Giscard d'Estaing overcame the French political establishment to be elected as President of France. He was active in campaigning for d'Estaing's centrist movement at university but took little interest in politics as he finished his studies in international comparative law and European law, believing that his career was to be an academic one. He completed his Masters in the France of Mitterand, and was employed by the European Commission as a legal adviser, and finally as an adviser and staffer to Lord Cockfield, then the UK's representative on the Commission, the "father of the single market" who fell out with Margaret Thatcher during the late 1980s as she turned increasingly Eurosceptic.

Once Cockfield's tenure on the Commission finished in 1988, de la Wantzenau returned to Britain, where he had spent some time on a gap year in 1975 (living in Notting Hill). He returned to find an area in the grips of the gentrification of the post-war slums and the West London "ozzie boom" of the late 80s and soon set up in a Bayswater three-bedroom house which has substantially risen in value since. Having been active in the Strasbourg chapter of the French pro-European, liberal-conservative party Démocratie libérale, he joined the Conservative party at the urging of his mentor Cockfield and represented Bayswater ward on Kensington and Chelsea council for six years, while simultaneously working as a French and European legal consultant in a Franco-British law office, Martineau, Mallenson & Peters.

He was parachuted into Bromley and Chislehurst in south-east London in the 1997 election and, bucking the trend, held the seat despite the Conservative vote collapsing by some 12.5%.

He currently lives in Shortlands, in his constituency, in a four bedroom detached house but owns several properties in Britain and in France. He is a fan of motor racing, chess, still-life painting and a member of the Reform and Carlton Clubs.

(As a note: I was Roger Massingley, Labour chief whip last time around).

(If we have to have a faction: Tory Reform Group, obvs)
Martin P-A. J. de la Wantzenau
Member of Parliament for Bromley and Chiselhurst (1997 - )
Conservative and Unionist Party
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With aristocrats like this, no wonder France revolted all those years ago.
George Edward Montcalm
Member of Parliament for Beaconsfield
Conservative and Unionist Party
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La Marseillaise was composed in Strasbourg in Alsace...(although Alsace was a kind of semi-autonomous German region of France at the time of the revolution)
Martin P-A. J. de la Wantzenau
Member of Parliament for Bromley and Chiselhurst (1997 - )
Conservative and Unionist Party
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