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"Friday" Sittings
On a Friday there are often longer speeches on Private Members Bill's that allow Members to wax lyrical. In real (recent) life, eccentric MP Jacob Rees-Mogg used this as a good way to build his profile. Admins may be able to consider influence points (not many, but a few) as MPs used this profile building opportunity as opposed to doing constituency work (i.e. not posting).

As such, could admins consider adding a general debating thread, where longer more creative speeches can be made? I think the joy of this virtual world is often the ability to craft speeches and this gives another place where these interesting and informative contributions can be made that are based loosely around PMB's, who we know are rarely enacted anyway.
Aaron Pitt MP
North West Durham (1992 - Present)
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I like this idea! And/or just a standing thread for new players to make "maiden" speeches.
Parminder 'Minda' Chawla MP | Labour Co-operative
Member of Parliament for Islington South & Finsbury (2010- )
Shadow Home Secretary (2016- )

Formerly: Joshua Bertram, Lillian Nichols, Gareth Edwards, Andrew Pearson, L Chris Havilland, Mack Aldritt
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