Bye PolUK!

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Bye PolUK!
Hey all.

I initially just wanted to cut and run (after giving the AVs a small heads up, of course) because that’s one of my many unhealthy habits. But I decided it’s best I explain why I’m packing in PolUK. 

In the short term, exams. I don’t think I need to clarify any further there. 

But I want to make it clear when exams finish I’m not going to come back. I may come back eventually – maybe in 2 years. Or 1. Maybe even just 6 months. But definitely not soon. 

When I joined PolUK, I was in a very unhappy place: my life was a wreck (that’s putting it mildly) and I was just looking for something, anything, to fill up my time. I got that and got a lot more – I made new friends, learnt a few life lessons (and more than a few political ones), became part of the weird, dysfunctional community that’s going on here and met new people from walks of life I’d never mingled with (having never met a Tory... you guys aren't that bad I suppose Tongue ).

I think most importantly I learned that I’m... kind of a capable person? Sometimes? I’ve never had much faith in myself to be honest, and I’m not very good at taking myself seriously (writing this post is making me cringe), and because of that I don’t think people take me too seriously either. But maybe I/they should. I think, when I put my heart into something, I’m pretty bloody good at it. Whether that was my stint as PM (05 Tories – I suppose I was arrogant because I was pretty ace in that round, sorry not sorry) or, more importantly, as my stint as admin and head admin. When everybody else thought the game was over I put my all into proving them wrong and largely presided over what has been a successful round with some solid longevity to it (with the help of some brilliant people, of course, you know who you are!). 

A big reason I wanted PolUK to stay is I think it’s special, and we often take it for granted: we give up on rounds too easily. We let ourselves get too discouraged by inevitable bumps in the road. There isn’t much of a market for PolSims anymore, I hear, but there’s enough talented and great people on this site to pull off a fun round regardless. We just need admins and players with that willpower. 

Please keep holding onto that willpower, because who knows, maybe one day there’ll be someone else who is lonely and in desperate need for something to do who will stumble onto the site one day. 

But things have to evolve, change and sometimes even come to an end (PolUK is not at the third stage yet!). I’m at a stage where I’m feeling dissatisfied with my life and I’m in a bad place because of it, and I guess if I really am capable I could put some of the energy into what I do into PolUK into something tangible and solid – although I don’t know what that will be yet, I do want to do something and to take advantage of my youth while I have it and wipe my slate clean. So I think, for now, it is time for me to move on. I know people who say this never stick to it (and I get why!), but I really intend to, and if I don’t please force me to – keep me in temporary exile for my own sake. 

Steve, you were right: maybe I should sometimes put down my phone and talk to people instead. Same goes with you Morgan (congrats on the AV position) – maybe I should try and do something more tangible than run a game of pretend politics before I get onto a high horse. So that’s what I’m going to do. 

I’m not disappearing from the face of the earth. I’m not even deleting my telegram – but I won’t be on it much at all. If you have my social media or number, feel free to hit me up at any time. I love a gab. If you don’t have my social media or number, feel free to poach it from myself or someone else. I have a very free summer – if you want to hang, let me know! I think we’ve established I need to get out of my hometown bubble a bit more and coaches are relatively cheap. We can get drinks or go to a farm! If you’re one of my favourites (we all have them), and my favourites know who they are, I’m not inviting you to do this, I’m imploring you to. I consider you lifelong friends. 

Most importantly, though, if the game ever really needs my help please get in touch. I would clear any schedule to help it out, because I think it has really helped me out so I will always owe it for that. I’m making it clear in the back of my mind there is the intention to eventually return, so I very much want something to return to. I'll let the A Team (and future A Teams) know I will be nosing the forums on a semi regular basis, and if I feel the sufficient work isn’t being done that the game needs you will be hearing from me. 

Thank you for everything, and see you all sooner than you think. 

Head Admin.
Admin Responsible for the Houses of Parliament.
Cabinet Office/PM's Office/Foreign Affairs & Defence.

“In politics, guts is all.” - Barbara Castle.

Thanks given by: Rt. Hon. Alwyn Thomas (LAB)
Farewell sweet Scouser, go forth and be moderately less miserable than the rest of us because you have escaped this nightmare, for now.
Alwyn Thomas

Labour MP for Newport West
Chancellor of the Exchequer (2001-????)
Secretary of State for Communities, Devolved Government and the Constitution (2002-????)
Chief Whip (2001-????)

Minister for Housing (2001-2002)
Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs (2000-2001)
Minister of State for International Development (2000)
Thanks given by:
I started writing a post that sounded like it would be said at a funeral, so I deleted it and decided to write this. You'll always have the community here to welcome you back with open arms and I'll still send you twitter memes at 3am so check your telegram often.
Thanks given by:
You be good, boo.
Rt Hon Lillian Nichols MP | Labour & Co-operative
Member of Parliament for Birmingham Selly Oak (1992- )
Home Secretary (2001- )
Minister for Women & Equalities (2000- )
Queen of the Gays, Basically (2002- )
Foreign Secretary (2000-2001)
Secretary for International Development (1998-2000)
Minister for Women (1997-1998)
Shadow Secretary for International Development (1995-1997)

Formerly: Gareth Edwards, Andrew Pearson, L Chris Havilland, Mack Aldritt
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Best of luck to you in all of your future ventures.
Albion Stonewood
Member of Parliament for Tonrbidge and Malling
One Nation Tory of the Old School
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