Joye Lin

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Joye Lin
[Image: ob_ff732a_yingluck2-jpg]

: Joye Lin

Avatar: Yingluck Shinawatra
Constituency: Hendon, Barnet, London, England, United Kingdom, Earth

Age: 50 (born 21 June 1952)
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Religion: Anglican (raised Confucianist)
Class: Upper-middle
Spouse: Fritz Edelmann (b. 1948, m. 1985)
Children: 2; Liyuan (b. 1989), Georg (b. 1991)
Ethnicity: Hongkonger
Belilios Public School: 1964 - 1970
Ba. Business, University of Hong Kong: 1970-1974

Sales and marketing representative for Pritchard Group Services; 1976-1979
Assistant in accounting office for Pritchard Group Services; 1979-1983
Marketing manager for British Car Auctions; 1984-1989
Strategy executive for Bain Capital Europe; 1989-1993
Councillor in Barnet; 1994-2001
MP for Hendon; 2002-present

Party and Faction: Conservative; Cornerstone Group

Ideological Beliefs:
Law and order


Joye Lin (named Lin Xi at birth) was born in Kowloon, Hong Kong after her father Jie (a Republican civil servant in Guangzhou) and wife fled the country from the ongoing civil war between the Kuomintang and the Communists. At a young age, Lin received a local Chinese primary education before going to Belilios Public School for her secondary. It was also at this time she studied martial arts through her uncle, learning many disciplinary skills and values. Completing her secondary with distinction, Lin enrolled in the University of Hong Kong during the early seventies to study business. After graduating, Lin moved to the United Kingdom to find employment opportunities in London. She started her career working as a sales and marketing representative for Pritchard Group Services, a cleaning and business services company and eventually became an assistant in the company's head office accounting department, part of a large acquisitions team. Leaving in 1983, Lin worked soon after in marketing for British Car Auctions. It was during this time she met her husband Fritz Edelmann, who was a company associate from the German automotive industry. In 1985 the two married, having two children four and six years after. In 1989, Lin received an offer to join Bain Capital Europe as a strategy executive, which she accepted. Moving to Hendon to retire from business in 1993, Lin's long-standing disinterest in politics (sans issues such as the status of British Hong Kong), however became drawn with after facing dissatisfaction with the direction of the country. Running in her ward as a Tory for the Barnet Council election, Lin was elected as a councillor and served in the position for seven years before being selected to run in the ethnically diverse constituency of Hendon. Benefiting from the swing towards the Conservative Party in London, Lin won the seat and joined the likes of Bushra Khan as one of the newly elected minority MPs.

Since election, Lin was identified herself with the Cornerstone Group despite not being outspoken religiously (having only joined the Anglican Church in her 40s) nor a pale stale male, with many of its values in traditional, conservative, family and community-oriented policies intersecting with her upbringing in Hong Kong. In this spirit, she has spoken about the values of work ethics, discipline, and respect towards authority as staples of the Conservative Party. Since the December 22nd attacks Lin has criticized Labour's record on national security, arguing that measures should be brought in to bolster Britain's national security. She's has also criticized the government's relationship with the People's Republic of China, characterizing it as turning a blind eye on injustices in the region and sacrificing Britain's historical relationship with Hong Kong. On economics Lin has espoused a vaguely moderate stance, approving both of upholding commitments to the neediest of society as well as pursuing pro-growth policies. During the 2002 campaign, she pledged to support retaining the Pound sterling as Britain's national currency.

[Image: 320px-Martin_Zeil_und_Yingluck_Shinawatra_3783.JPG]

Fritz and Joye on a Sunday stroll in a park in Barnet
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Hmm what a surprising avatar choice (rich coming from me, I know)... Tongue
Bushra Khan MP
Conservative & Unionist Party
Member of Parliament for Sheffield Hallam - 2002-Present
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(05-16-2018, 09:14 AM)Bushra Khan Wrote: Hmm what a surprising avatar choice (rich coming from me, I know)... Tongue

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