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Wikipedia Graphics Thread
Is what is says on the tin. Where I post graphics and people can request graphics (within reason).


The Labour Party leadership election, 2016 saw moderate Amelia Lockhart defeat left-wing stalwart Alex Uyanik in a close contest. The contest was held after incumbent Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn was forced out after coming down in favour of a Leave vote in the 2016 referendum on European Union membership. In a close race Uyanik was unable to repeat Corbyn's coup from a year prior and lost to the comparatively moderate Lockhart, who won as the first de jure Labour female leader in the party's history. In the end the contest, which was expected to be close resulted in a 54-46 victory for Lockhart over Uyanik.

[Image: zGH7xGG.png]

The Labour Party deputy leadership election, 2016 was held in under the shadow of the leadership race on the same day. Unlike the leadership race, the party's deputy leader, Tom Watson, left voluntarily and was succeeded by Brenda Davies. Davies, who was the only candidate to throw their hat into the ring, won by default due to facing no opposition. The result created an interesting result of it being the first time in the Labour Party's history that it was led by a joint female team.

[Image: Rc24y9J.png]

The Conservative Party leadership election, 2016 was held in the wake of the resignation of incumbent party leader and Prime Minister David Cameron. Cameron, who had irked backbencher eurosceptics had been unceremonially pushed out as leader in early 2016 and thus produced an initially two horse race for the leadership. The frontrunner, moderate Caroline Blakesley faced off against the more right-wing Christopher Baxter. Soon after nominations closed, Baxter withdrew from the race and handed the race by default to Blakesley who became the second female Conservative Party leader as well as the second female Prime Minister since Margaret Thatcher in 1990.

[Image: Qz0eCiQ.png]

The Iowa Democratic caucuses, 2016 produced a dramatic result when frontrunner Oprah Winfrey fell by the wayside and was pipped to victory by liberal stalwart Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts. Winfrey, who had led in most national and statewide opinion polls prior to the race was expected to win the first contest in the Democratic primaries handily. Yet after a lacklustre campaign she was defeated by Warren. Other notable contenders included moderate Virginia Senator and former Governor Tim Kaine who defied expectation and came in a close third place in a state which proved receptive to his economic and social moderation. Vice President Joe Biden, who had polled before the contest in a healthy third place was forced into forth place behind Kaine and narrowly ahead of populist former Governor of Montana Brian Schweitzer who proved popular to the voters in rural Iowa.

[Image: daoU68x.png]

The New Hampshire Democratic primary, 2016 proved to be the death knell for the Winfrey campaign, which underperformed dramatically and fell into third place behind the campaigns of Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden. This result would ensure that Winfrey would drop out and endorse Biden after the early February primary results were announced. The campaigns of moderates Tim Kaine and Brian Schweitzer underperformed on their showings in Iowa owing to the two putting more resources into the Iowa race compared to the New Hampshire primary. The race solidified Warren as the Democratic frontrunner, though only narrowly ahead of Biden, Kaine and Schweitzer after Winfrey bowed out.

[Image: KXgnJL1.png]

The Iowa Republican caucuses, 2016 much like its Democratic counterpart produced a dramatic upset in the form of a loss for hitherto frontrunner Donald Trump. Trump, who had led nationally in most polls since his announcement in 2015 performed a weak forth place and quickly blamed the "crooked biased media" for his loss. The contest was won by socially conservative brain surgeon Dr. Ben Carson who narrowly defeated a resurgent campaign from former Florida Governor and Bush family scion Jeb Bush. Former Alaska Governor and 2008 GOP Vice Presidential nominee Sarah Palin performed strongly, taking many would be Trump voters and pipping the New York property tycoon into third place. Moderate Ohio Governor John Kasich performed well considering he did minimal campaigning in the state, and he managed to outperform Indiana Governor Mike Pence who imploded on the campaign trail after suffering a nervous breakdown soon after his campaign launch in late 2015.

[Image: iLaGi13.png]

The New Hampshire Republican primary, 2016 produced a result that ensured that Donald Trump would leave the race in disgust and vow to return at a later stage. The contest would see Ohio Governor John Kasich narrowly defeat Florida Governor Jeb Bush in a close contest. In splitting the moderate Republican vote, Dr. Ben Carson was nearly able to win the more libertarian state despite his socially conservative beliefs. The primary also proved to be the death knell for the campaign of scandal plagued New Jersey Governor Chris Christie who after coming in forth place definitely bowed out and endorsed Kasich for the nomination. Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin performed comparatively weak in the state after taking a narrow third place in the Iowa caucuses several weeks prior.

[Image: xdT8PbE.png]
Eilidh NicEachainn MP
Scottish National Party | Banff and Buchan
Westminster Leader of the Scottish National Party
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Can I have a character one?
The Rt. Honourable Christopher Baxter QC MP
Her Majesty's Principal Secretary of State for the Home Department (2016 -)
Member of Parliament for Chichester
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Wow! stunning stuff! how do you do it?
Rt Hon Dr Daniel George Alexander MP | Conservative and Unionist Party, Tory Reform Group

Leader of the House of Commons (2016 - Incumbent)
Member of Parliament for Canterbury (2005 - Incumbent)

Previously: "A nobody backbencher"

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If you've the time to spare, I'd love a character one for Laura! These are really neat!
Rt Hon Laura Delaney MP PC
First Secretary of State and Lord President of the Council (2016-)
Leader of the House of Commons (2016-)
Minister for the Cabinet Office (2016-)
Government Chief Whip (2016-)
Member for Stratford-on-Avon (1997-)
Conservative and Unionist
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Heart  This is amazing. Don't mean to heap, but if you can make one for my character too that would be great.
Shay Pearce
Conservative MP from the Cities of London and Westminster
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If there are any mistakes, please do not hesitate to tell me!

Hope these are alright!

[Image: idyVVDc.png]
Eilidh NicEachainn MP
Scottish National Party | Banff and Buchan
Westminster Leader of the Scottish National Party
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Thank you! Big Grin I love it.
Shay Pearce
Conservative MP from the Cities of London and Westminster
Thanks given by: Eilidh NicEachainn (SNP)
Could I have one?
The Rt. Hon. Sir Jonathan Horncastle, GBE MP
Secretary of State for Environment, Transport, and the Regions (2016-Present)
Chairman of the Conservative Party (2016-Present)
MP for Chelsea and Fulham (2005-present, previously MP for Hammersmith and Fulham)
Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice (2015-2016)
Deputy Chairman of the Conservative Party (2014-2015)
Deputy Chief Whip (2013-2015)
Minister of State for Climate Change (2012-2013)
Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Culture, Media, Sport, and the Olympics (2010-2012)
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I'd love one.
The Rt Hon. Patrick Dundas TD, MP
Minister of State for Security (2016-Present)
Member of Parliament for Penrith & The Border (2001-Present)
Member of Parliament for Dumfriesshire (1987-1997)
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Edward Adeyemi
Member of Parliament for

Shadow Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union
Labour Party
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Dr Alex Uyanik | MP for Walthamstow (1979-1987, 1992-Present) | Shadow Secretary of State for Environment, Transport and the Regions (2016-)

"An Anti-Democratic decision cannot be made with votes" - Erdal Inonu
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Well if you're doing them again I would appreciate one too
Colonel Calum Douglas Wilson MP
Minister of State for the Armed Forces (2016 - Present)
Conservative and Unionist
MP for Windsor

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