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Edward Adeyemi
[Image: SIn8mMC.jpg?1]
Name: Edward Adeyemi
Avatar: Jani Taivola
Constituency: Streatham
Age: 38 (DoB: 12/03/1978)
Sex: Male
Ethnicity: British Nigerian
Marital Status: Married to Hamish McCrae (cp. 2010, m. 2013) and French bulldog Caesar
Education: BA Politics, University of Edinburgh (1996-1999)
Career: Parliamentary Assistant, Nigel Griffiths MP (1999-2001); Special Advisor, Alistair Darling MP (2001-2003); Research Fellow, IPPR (2003-2007); Communications Director, Number 10 (2007-2008); Director of Policy, Number 10 Policy Unit (2008 -2010); MP for Streatham (2010 - Present); Member, Treasury Select Committee (2010-2012); Shadow Business Secretary (2012-2015).
Party and Faction: Labour, Open Labour
Biography: Edward Adeyemi was born in Brixton, London to Solomon and Aisha Adeyemi three years after they moved to London. His early upbringing was typical of an immigrant family living in Central London, poor. His father was a bus conductor while his mother raised the five children they had. Edward was the youngest and the only one born in the United Kingdom. A black child growing up in Brixton was not easy, at the age of 5 the Brixton Riots ripped through his community, his eldest brother was caught up in it and injured with a broken arm. The community in Brixton was on the edge, and Edward’s parents wanted to get out of Central London for their children’s sake.
At the age of ten, the Adeyemi family moved to Hillingdon where Edward’s father began a new job at Heathrow Airport. Life in Hillingdon was quieter than Brixton, but it was just as confusing for the young boy being one of the only black children at his school. He did well at school, excelling in the humanities and he was accepted to study politics at Edinburgh. The second big readjustment in his life was another ordeal, but he excelled at University just as he did at school.
During his time at Edinburgh he joined Labour, which he has spoken about as a decision based on his complete opposition to the Conservative party and the part they played in stoking racial tensions across the country. In his second year of University and the 1997 general election he was active in Scottish Labour’s campaign, especially across Edinburgh and it was during this election that he knew that he wanted a career in politics. It was during his time at University that he met his future husband, Hamish McCrae. They dated for a year and a half at University, but it ended before they both graduated. It wasn’t until a chance encounter in 2008 that they would rekindle their relationship. He left University with an upper class Second degree and immediately was hired by Nigel Griffiths as his Parliamentary Assistant.
Edward’s path to elected MP is one that has become the norm for Labour MPs, worked for an MP, SpAd to a Government Minister and most notably a senior post in Number 10 working directly with the Prime Minister. Edward routinely reflects on the time in Number 10 as some of the best in his life. Edward was widely known in the Labour party due to his association with the Prime Minister and was quickly selected as the candidate for Streatham after Keith Hill announced his retirement. Returning home to Brixton was an odd sensation for Edward. He left, all those years ago, as a young black boy and returned as potential MP. Brixton had changed, now rejuvenated with new money but still the underlying tensions remained and same problems faced his constituents
In 2008 he started a relationship with his former boyfriend Hamish McCrae, a concert violinist and Labour party member, who he entered a civil partnership and later married. A relative power couple in the Labour party they are routinely seen campaigning together with their French bulldog Caesar in attendance.
Edward has long been well known in Labour circles, and after his election in 2010 he was an early supporter of Ed Miliband’s leadership bid and was appointed to the Treasury Select Committee. Later in his first term he was appointed to the Shadow Cabinet as Shadow Business Secretary, a position he held until the 2015 General Election. During this time Edward built up a significant media profile as a spokesperson for the party. After a disappointing election in 2015 and Ed Milliband’s resignation Edward was touted as an early potential leadership candidate but withdrew his name from consideration and nominated Yvette Cooper. Edward was openly critical of Jeremy Corbyn’s campaign and his later leadership. Upon Corbyn’s election as leader he resigned his frontbench position.
In the 2016 leadership election he supported Amelia Lockhart’s bid. He has publicly stated he will be campaigning for the remain campaign in the European Union referendum.
Edward Adeyemi
Member of Parliament for

Shadow Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union
Labour Party
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