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Labour Leadership Election 1992
Canvassing (1 hour). 0 hours remaining

Angela Harvey was talking to traditional Labour party members in and around local constituency offices:
  • Agnes Hamstead has fully committed herself to an electorally successful programme - by fully committing herself to our 1992 manifesto under her leadership, the Labour party will remain electorally successful which is pivotal to guaranteeing that our shared labour movement values will determine government policy, rather than the radical Tory ideology of the 1980s. No longer will people be neglected and forgotten by the extremist ring wingers of the last government.
  • The new top rate income tax of 50% promised by Agnes Hamstead brings justice to our taxation system - ever since 1979, Thatcherism has meant that those at the top of society get unjustified and unlimited tax cuts at the expense of our public services, of social housing, of industrial workers, and of vulnerable people. Agnes Hamstead is the only candidate to have committed to a fairer, just taxation system which makes those with the broadest shoulders pay their fair share.
  • Supporting inner city communities - Agnes has promised that under her leadership, the Labour government will not turn its back on inner city communities as the Tories did during their rule. She has promised real investment to ensure better connections to urban centres, help and support for farmers and expand affordable housing in rural communities.
The Rt Hon Angela Harvey MP | Labour Party, Socialist Campaign Group

Deputy Prime Minister & Deputy Leader of the Labour Party (1992 - Incumbent)
Member of Parliament for Dover (1992 - Incumbent)

Previously: "A nobody backbencher", "Backbench Spokesperson for Everything"

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voting and campaigning is now closed, if you vote now you may still be charged but it won't be counted

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"Si vis pacem, para bellum" 
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