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Press Cycle #7 : Serbia ambassador withdrawal
Following the withdrawal of ambassadors by the EC and UK from Serbia, what other action needs to be taken, if any in the event the situation continues?

Cycle will close Tuesday 9th October at 11.59pm bst. Contributions after this will not be counted

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"Si vis pacem, para bellum" 
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Whilst I am not a big fan of the EC, I believe that the united front of the UK and the EC has shown the international community that this is not 1938.  The UK and Europe no longer consider appeasement a policy to follow.  We, and our allies in Europe, are showing the Serbian aggressors that the policies of the 1930's have no place in the Europe of the 1990's.
ESTHER MATHIESON MP - Labour Party - Manifesto Group
Labour MP for Birkenhead (1979 - )
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The situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina is troubling in the deepest sense. We declared after World War 2 that we and the nations of the world would no longer sit idly by while hypernationalism and ethnic cleansing rear their ugly heads. However, it appears that what is happening in the Balkans is all too reminiscent of the early years of this century. Diplomatic withdrawal is a good first step, but we must be prepared to work with our European allies to protect innocent lives threatened by ethnic cleansing and genocide.  
Philip Porter
MP for Orkney and Shetlands (1983-Present)
Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats (1992-Present)
Liberal Democrats Spokesman for the Treasury (1992-Present)

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The United Kingdom must be ready to act against Serbian aggression and to protect the people of Bosnia. My preference is to work closely with NATO, including with the United States, which has so far advocated the strongest action against Serbia. Diplomacy is always to be preferred to force, but diplomacy is meaningless if it is not backed up by a credible threat of force.
Nicholas Wandsworth
Leader of the Opposition (1992-)
Member of Parliament for North Wiltshire (1983-)

Conservative and Unionist Party - Conservative Way Forward

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Not fifty years have passed since the end of the second world war and we already see the hypernationalism rearing its ugly head in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We made a commitment to the world that we would never allow ethnic cleansing to happen again, and when faced with this reality we must be ready to act to protect the defenceless and the dispossessed for it is our duty to ensure the horrors of this century do not repeat themselves. Recalling our Ambassador sends a signal, but that signal must be backed up otherwise we run the risk of standing by while thousands die.
Rt Hon Oscar Hattingly QC MP
Member for Truro
Leader of the Liberal Democrats
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While we hope that Yugoslavia will respond to our diplomatic signal, we realise the need for concrete action to protect innocent civilians and particularly refugees in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is our responsibility to protect these innocent people in the midst of this ethnically-charged war. That is why we will be moving in the UN Security Council to extend UNPROFOR's mandate to Bosnia.
The Right Honourable James Mercer MP | Labour
MP for Sedgefield (1983-present)
Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs (1992-present)
Shadow Secretary of State for Education (1988-1992)

"And getting our politics right means that in the attacks we make on Toryism, in the policies we put to the people, in the way we conduct ourselves as a Party inside and outside Parliament, we have to have a constant, unremitting, unswerving dedication to defeating the Tories. From time to time I have heard that view described as 'electoralism'. I plead guilty."
- Neil Kinnock to the PLP
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#7 Serbian Ambassadors

Issue profile: low (Out of 20) - Prelude to War?

Labour - 7

The message takes more an internationalist view (sort of- there are mixed views it seems on the EC here) but on trying to take every action possible in order to accomplish the goal in Bosnia. It's not earth-shattering, but I think it's clear where this party stands vis-a-vis the Tories on getting ready to use strength.

Conservatives - 5

Much like the Government, there's a statement here that we should be ready to use strength... though it's disappointing that it's only one voice. 

Liberal Democrats - 8

Sort of hard to give the edge here to the Liberal Democrats- but in terms of participation it was a bit stronger from the party as a whole and with a united message, vague though it may be. At least with Labour you saw a push for an international solution; what we didn't get from the LibDems was, to me, as clear a path forward in the coming weeks and months if this actually does start to boil over.
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