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George Mountstuart
[Image: clark_1207969c.jpg]

Character Name: George Kenneth Mackenzie Mountstuart
Avatar: Alan Clark
Age: 62 (20th February, 1930)
Place of Birth: Edinburgh, Scotland
Race/Ethnicity: White
Gender: Male 
Religion: Roman Catholic
Class: Upper Class
Spouse: Jane Mountstuart (nee Mackay) 
Children (if any): James, and Tom
Other Personal Traits: 

-Eton College
-University of Oxford, Christ Church; MA Modern History 

-Lieutenant, 10th Royal Hussars
-Captain, 10th Royal Hussars 
-Contributor, The Spectator 
-Contributor, The Sunday Telegraph
- Editor, The Salisbury Review
-Vice Chairman, Scottish Conservative & Unionist Party (1988-90)

Political Career:
-Member of Parliament for East Renfrewshire (1974-1983), Member of Parliament for Eastwood (1983-Present)
  • Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Secretary of State for Scotland (1979-1981)
  • Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State at the Department of Employment (1981-1984)
  • Minister of State for Defence Procurement (1984-1988)
  • Secretary of State for Northern Ireland (1988-1990)

Party and Faction: Conservative & Unionist, Conservative Way Forward
-High Tory Thatcherite

-Socially Conservative

-'The Old Contemptibles: A History of the BEF' (1975)

-'That Old Whore: 400 years of the Conservative Party' (1986)
-'The Mountstuart Diaries, Vol 1: In Power 1979-1990 (1991)
-'The Mountstuart Diaries, Vol 2: Into Politics 1970-1979 (1992)


George Mountstuart was born in Edinburgh - the son of Lord Mountstuart, famous art historian and his wife The Hon. Elizabeth Mackay, daughter of the Chief of Clan Mackay.  He was sent to Eton College like his father and grandfather before him, where he excelled both at the exam hall and on the Rugby pitch, until he was almost expelled for "fraternisation" in his last year. From there he went down to Oxford, reading Modern History - graduating with a double first.

George then joined the 10th Royal Hussars as a Lieutenant, passing out of Sandhurst and serving tours of duty in the Hong Kong garrison.

After his commission ended - Paddy was harangued to enter into politics by his father and family friends, but he declined and instead focused on writing, finishing two acclaimed history books and publishing columns in The Spectator & Telegraph lambasting the Labour Governments in the 1970s. He worked with Roger Scruton on the quarterly conservative magazine 'The Salisbury Review'

Paddy entered parliament in 1979, standing and winning in his the uber safe constituency of East Renfrewshire  - from thence he quickly made a reputation in parliament as a deep intellectual and gifted public speaker, with quite a maverick streak. After a few years on the backbenches where he continued to contribute to the newspapers, he was appointed a PPS and then Undersecretary of State at the Department of Employment.  He would have been promoted to higher office much more quickly were it not for once incident in the House of Commons where he was accused by a Labour MP of being "incapable" whilst delivering a statement after a rather heavy session in the Commons Bar. George was made Secretary of State for Northern Ireland - an appointment that neither Unionists or Nationalists welcomed in light of a previous remark: "The solution to Ulster is to let both sides just get on with fucking killing each other until they're all dead."

Not willing to serve under John Major, George published the first volume of his diaries in 1991- a salacious series of insults, revelations and scandals. He called Kenneth Clarke "A pudgy puffball." As for Douglas Hurd, he said he "might as well have a corncob up his arse". While he dismissed Michael Heseltine as the kind of person "who bought his own furniture" amongst other hilarious annotations. These diaries transformed Dundas into a national figure, instantly recognisable and a mainstay of the TV studios.
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Welcome back to team blue!
Nicholas Wandsworth
Leader of the Opposition (1992-)
Member of Parliament for North Wiltshire (1983-)

Conservative and Unionist Party - Conservative Way Forward

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Joseph "Uncle Joe" Flanagan
Member of Parliament for Easington 1983 - Present
Secretary of State for Natural Resources & Environment 1992 - Present

Shadow Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food 1987-1992
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