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Michael Keane [LAB]
[Image: 225005405-6fb9ec5d-12a7-4dce-99d4-8794fcca7027.jpg]

Name: Michael Keane
Avatar: Peter Capaldi
Constituency: Glasgow Govan

Age: 52 (November 20th 1940)
Sex: Male
Ethnicity: White
Marital Status: Married (1963) to Mary (51). Father to Michael (1964, 28), Samuel (1966, 26), and Sarah (1969, 23) 
Education: Studied at a Glasgow Comprehensive
Career: Shipyard Worker (1955 - 1968)
Trade Union Official for the United Society of Boilermakers, Shipbuilders and Structural Workers (1968 - 1972)
Senior Trade Union Official for the United Society of Boilermakers, Shipbuilders and Structural Workers (1972 - 1974)
Parliamentary Career: Member of Parliament for Glasgow Govan (February 1974 - Present)
Under-Secretary of State for Industry (November 1978 - May 1979)
Shadow Under-Secretary of State for Industry (May 1979 - November 1980)
Shadow Minister for Industry (November 1980 - October 1983)
Party and Faction: Labour (1959 - Present); Socialist Campaign Group

Biography: Born in Belfast to a working class as they come family at the start of the Second World War. His parents moved to Glasgow from Belfast when he was just 6, when his father was offered a senior position in the shipyards due to his experience and involvement in building ships for the navy in Harland and Wolff in Belfast. Michael started working in the Glasgow shipyards when he was 15, immediately after leaving school.  He worked hard, following in his fathers footsteps, and was proud of his work. Michael became a trade union official for the United Society of Boilermakers, Shipbuilders and Structural Workers in 1968, aiming to fight for his fellow workers' rights, end poor treatment and improve the overall quality of their working and everyday life. In 1972 he was promoted to a senior official for the union due to his dedication to his job and effective work. 

Michael had always taken an interest in politics, realising that the decisions of politicians has a major impact on everyday life. During the run up to the 1959 General Election, he joined the Labour Party, a party that most people of his socio-economic status were staunch supporters of. He was always active within the party; his activity an reputation for his trade union work saw him achieve nomination to stand for election to Parliament in his home Glasgow Govan constituency in the February 1974 General Election, standing under leader, Harold Wilson, and looking to unseat Scottish National Party MP, Margo MacDonald. Michael aimed to take his fight for workers and working class rights to Parliament. He was successful in his attempt, winning with a majority of just 571 votes. He has successfully contested the seat since in a further six elections, and currently has a majority of 4,125 votes.

Michael was asked to join the Labour Government by James Callaghan in 1978 as Under-Secretary for Industry, bringing his expertise of the area to the Department of Industry. While Labour was voted out in 1979, his work in his government role was rewarded with a promotion to Shadow Minister for Industry in new leader, Michael Foot's Shadow Cabinet. With the election of Neil Kinnock in 1983 as Labour Party Leader, Michael stood down from the Labour Frontbench in opposition to Kinnock's leadership and has not returned to the Frontbench since. His ambition and focus still remains to fight for the working class people and refuses to work on a frontbench led by a member of what he calls "Tory Labour". What his future Parliamentary career holds will be interesting, especially considering the changing face of Labour into something he does not support.
Malcolm Keane MP
Member of Parliament for Glasgow Govan (February 1974 - Present)

Under-Secretary of State for Industry (November 1978 - May 1979)
Shadow Under-Secretary of State for Industry (May 1979 - November 1980)
Shadow Minister for Industry (November 1980 - October 1983)
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