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M1: Ordination of Women
Madame Speaker, today is a historic day which may have implications not just from those within the Church of England, but for those outside of it who are looking in and seeing radical change which speaks to a modern and progressive Britain and world. 

I am sure I do not have to inform Members of this House that the General Synod of the Church of England, after much pressure from many of its members and vigorous debate, voted in favour of allowing women to be priests. It concludes a lengthy debate within in the Church which has raged on for the past seventeen years.

Now it is on us in this House to respect, approve and - I firmly believe - vote for these proposals. I have been in contact with Church of England officials such as the Archbishop of Canterbury to ensure that the Church's decision can be effectively, smoothly and respectfully implemented by this House and government.

Madame Speaker, I understand that many Honourable Members across the House, in and out the Church of England, of all different faiths and ideologies, have their own views both on this specific proposal and on the wider culture of the Church of England, myself included. Today, I ask all Members to put that aside and unite under one principle: to vote in accordance with the decision made by the Church of England and to allow the Church of England the autonomy to pursue its own destiny. 

Therefore, I beg to move:

Quote:That the Priests (Ordination of Women) Measure and the Ordination of Women (Financial Provisions) Measure, passed by the General Synod of the Church of England, be presented to Her Majesty for her Royal Assent in the form in which the said Measure was laid before Parliament.
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Speaker of the House

Leader of the House? Will time be allocated for debate?
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Mme. Speaker,

As this is a Government Motion, time is allocated for debate.
Rt. Hon. Agnes Hamstead
Prime Minister of the United Kingdom (1992 - Present)
Labour | Copeland (1987 - Present)
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Order. Debate will last for five days (21:00 GMT, 5th November 2018)
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